Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle
Private 50min Session kr1,490.00
Strong and Toned 40min (single session) kr490.00
Duo or Trio 50min session kr840.00
Strong and Toned 40min (10 sessions in 10 weeks) kr3,990.00
Første konsultasjon hos Let`s Shine kr2,600.00
Private 50min Session
Private 50min Session Duo or Trio 50min session

Book your Online or Studio session today

Choose the session(s) you want to attend and book it directly in the calendar above or by ordering in the Shop and we will contact you. If you are having an online session, download Zoom on your phone/Ipad or Mac/computer and you are ready to join the session(s).

If you are attending a session where you can share the ticket with friends, one person will buy the ticket and give Let`s Shine the name of the other attendants. You do not have to workout on the same sessions as your friends. 

You get a confirmation email and an invitation to your session(s).  

You will get a confirmation email when booking a session at the studio or online.

If you are attending an online session you will get a private invitation and log in information to your session too.  You should receive the invitation the day before your scheduled session and at the latest 15 min before the session starts. Friends that you share your ticket with will get the same invitation too. Log in 10 min. before the session starts and you will be in the online waiting room until the session begin. Your trainer will help you make sure that your sound and picture are working properly, but please read the log in instructions below before attending your session to make it as easy as possible for you to attend the sessions. 

In the Strong &Toned package you (and your friends) will receive invitation emails to the different LIVE sessions. 

When working out

You are free to choose if you want to use your video or not, but preferably have the video turned on. Your energy boosts the session. During the session feel free to write in questions regarding the session and if you have any technical problems. The instructor will answer the questions during and after the session.



In most sessions you don’t need any equipment to attend the classes.

It`s recommended that you have a mat or a towel you can lie on and two cloths or socks to sliding exercises at the floor. If you do have weights and rubber bands at home, bring it to the session and you might be able to use them in some exercises. As a main rule, you do not need equipment to get a full workout, but if you have equipment have it in reach. 

If you want to get yourself some home workout equipment we will recommend on a general basis that you get yourself:


-2 x 8kg kettle bells (or weights if kettle bells can’t be bought). 
-2 x 16/20kg kettle bells (or weights if kettle bells can’t be bought).
– 1 or 2 long rubber bands where one is light and the other is hard.

–2 x 12kg kettle bells (or weights if kettle bells can’t be bought). 
-2- x 20kg kettle bells (or weights if kettle bells can’t be bought). 
2- x 28/32kg kettle bells (or weights if kettle bells can’t be bought). This is if you are used to working out with heavy weights and want to invest in home equipment. 
– 1 or 2 long rubber bands where one is hard and the other is extra hard.


Safety policy

When you are attending Let’s Shine Online classes or other Let`s Shine activities, events and programs, it`s at your own risk. Let’s Shine, Helle Luxe and other people and companies associated with Let`s Shine are not responsible for any accidents that occur when you attend any of the above activities. They can neither be held responsible for your home workout and it`s completion. If you are undergoing treatment from a doctor or other medical professional, consult them prior to attending Online classes, programs or other Let`s Shine activities and prior to making changes to your daily life. When you are booking an online session, accepting an invitation to attend a session and attending a Let’s Shine online session you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. 


Guidelines to online Sessions: 


1: Log in with your invitation link and password to the session.  (If the link is not working, check your email if you have gotten a new invitation).

2: Check that the camera is put up with sun light behind it and that you have as much light as possible in the room.

3: Check that your sound is on. If you have AirPods its recommend to use them, but not at must. Then you can more freely move around and still hear the instructors guidance. 

4: Place the phone/ipad/computer/Mac so you can see the screen properly while working out. It can be smart to move the unit to the floor when you are doing exercises at the floor and higher up when you are standing. 

5: Have your mat/towel and water bottle at hand and other equipment you might have. 

6: We are looking forward to meet you!

Let`s Shine`s CORONA Procedures at the studio, updated August 2020:

To make sure that we are following the guidelines from The health government in Norway, please follow the below procedures when working out at the studio:   Bring to the studio:  Your own water bottleYour own socks to workout in.  At the...

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