Let`s Shine`s CORONA Procedures at the studio, updated August 2020:


To make sure that we are following the guidelines from The health government in Norway, please follow the below procedures when working out at the studio:  

Bring to the studio: 

  • Your own water bottle
  • Your own socks to workout in. 

At the studio: 

  • There will be at least 1 m. distance between people in the studio. There will only be activities according to the restrictions. High intensity workouts will be out doors.
  • Wash your hands in the bathroom before entering the studio. 
  • Avoid touching or moving things around in the waiting room. 
  • You will be alone in the waiting room 
  • Bring all the equipment you are going to use into the room where you are going to workout when your session begins.
  • In some workouts there will be used plastic gloves during the session and your trainer will use a face mask. 

After the workout: 

  • All the equipment will be cleaned and put back in place. 
  • Wash your hands after your workout session is done. 

Other important measures: 

  • If you are sick or having respiratory infection you should stay at home. You can join the workout through the web if you are feeling in good shape.
  • Unfortunally we won`t be able to serve you drinks or food because of the procedures at the studio.
  • We will instead use our extra time and effort to follow the cleaning protocols with no extra charge. 
  • Remember our 24 hours (workday) cancellation policy.


1: QUARANTINE: If you or your instructor for some reason need to be in a quarantine, but not being sick, the workout will be done online instead. Therefor feel safe that you can continue your workout if you need to stay at home or your instructor needs to be in a quarantine. Your booked session will go as planned online.

2: ZONES IN DUO AND TRIO CLASSES: At the studio there will now be 3 zones when you hare having a DUO or TRIO class. This means that each attendants will have a private spot in the workout room to make sure we follow the 1m. rule. It also means that you need to arrive dressed in your workout outfit in groups classes and that we will start using both entrances to make sure that there won’t be to crowded in the studio. Your trainer will make sure that this goes smoothly when you arrive. You might need to wait outside to avoid crowded spaces.

3: PRIVATE SESSIONS will go as usual. 
We will follow the recommendations from the government and adjust the corona procedures accordingly. 

We deeply appreciate your cooperation and are looking forward to see you at the studio! Thank you!

Let`s Shine!

August 2020

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