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I’m probably Helle`s most demanding customer

I am probably Helle’s most demanding customer. I demand laughter, good stories, wise words and a bouncy ass. If you need the same, contact Helle today!  



I saw several benefits from following Helle’s nutrition advice. I lost weight, got rid of mood swings, stabilized my blood sugar levels, improved my digestion and my body movement. I also feel better and know how to keep my energy levels steady. Helle’s training programs in the studio and the online guidance have been extremely… Read more “Silje”

Hilde, 49

I had been thinking of going to Helle for some years and finally decided it was time to make a change when a bad knee got me into a situation of no exercise and bad eating habits. I really enjoyed Helle´s approach; she listens and looks at the person as a whole. She worked together… Read more “Hilde, 49”

Marius, 38

For many years I wanted to get started with working out and make positive changes in my life. I kept postponing these goals because my everyday life made me feel stressed and exhausted, causing me to feel unmotivated to make any big adjustments. After seeing the results that my partner achieved through Let’s Shine workout… Read more “Marius, 38”

Carina, 38

I started training with Helle after I saw amazing results on a couple of friends who were working out with her. For several years after I had children, I did not work out at all. I struggled with aches and pains all over my body, not to mention the extra kilos. Back then I was… Read more “Carina, 38”

Heidi, 43

With the great help of Let’s Shine, I became an expert at mastering my life. I learned to understand my own body and its mechanism, and what I need to focus on in order to stay strong and steady. I also have better understanding of the best way I can take care of myself, set… Read more “Heidi, 43”

Henning, 44


I really appreciate the holistic way of guiding, with not only focus on exercise and diet, but also my thinking. Helle has truly accelerated me towards reaching my fitness goals. She helps me find tools towards a better path in my daily life. She has supported me in finding my inner motivation, in order to… Read more “Henning, 44”

Maria, 34

Helle has helped me gain more awareness, more strength and be more self-conscious. She has given me tools to handle challenges and to become stronger mentally and physically. I learned that it’s possible to become strong and fit without working out too heavily. I also learned to prioritize myself more and have more energy for… Read more “Maria, 34”

Maya, 34

I always had a slim figure, but after I turned 30 I saw my body lose strength, my skin feeling looser and it was hard to find the right way and proper motivation for me to keep working out. Luckily, my boyfriend had noticed my fascination with Helle’s social media and gave me a guided… Read more “Maya, 34”

Kirstin, 33

Helle is a fantastic mentor who does so much good for everyone she works with. Being guided by her is the best investment I have made. My sessions with her have given me results far beyond a stronger and slimmer body. She has given me tools to deal with tough, sad and tiring moments when… Read more “Kirstin, 33”

Marianne, 32

From me, the best thing about training with Helle and following her meal plan has been the fact that I am more aware of my own mental and physical needs. I learned how to efficiently work towards achieving my goals and how to better cope with everyday life at work and with family. I have… Read more “Marianne, 32”

Marte, 29

Before I started at Let’s Shine studio I was not happy with my body or my mind. I tried many different diets and types of training in the past, but always gave up when I did not get the results I wanted. With Helle’s help, I changed my lifestyle and it was much easier than… Read more “Marte, 29”


  The nutrition plan is great! I learned a lot of healthy options that gave me full energy and never left me hungry. I learned what to eat and how much of it, and it was more than I first thought! The result was that I lost weight without starving myself. The food takes care… Read more “Bertine”

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