Terms and Conditons

When buying this product and program you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Everyone is different, and if you want optimal results, it is recommended that you have a tailored program suited to your personal needs. Completing the program is at your own responsibility, and Helle Luxe and people and companies associated with Let´s Shine are not to be held responsible for the program and its completion. If you are undergoing treatment from a doctor or other medical professional, consult them prior to making changes to your daily life.

Let`s Shine programs are online digital products. This means that your right to cancel your purchase is only valid till the moment the programs are sent to you by email. You lose your right of withdrawal when  1: You have received some parts of the program on your email, or 2: you have received the whole program by Let`s Shine and her associated on your email. The 14 days cooling-off period does therefore not apply to products in the Let`s Shine shop. 

You are not allowed to copy any part of text, videos, visual media and logo from Let’s Shine because it is protected by copyright laws.

By buying this program you’re accepting that Lets Shine will add you to their mail sending software (Mailchimp and Getresponse), from which the program and information will be sent to you. You will also get access to the programs and information from Clickfunnels.


The online programs have 14 days full money-back guarantee from the day you as a buyer receive the first part of the product or you get access to parts of the product. 

The 14 days cancellation policy includes the other Let’s Shine products too, but please take note of the following: The money-back cancellation policy on these other products is only for the amount that has not been used by you as a buyer in the 14 days cancellation period. An example: If you have had personal sessions with a trainer during the first 14 days from the time you made your purchase, you will have to pay for the sessions and the programs included in these sessions. The remaining amount from your purchase will be paid back to you as your money-back guarantee.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here: Terms of Service

other questions and inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us at post@letsshine.no

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