Be light.
Stand tall. 
and strong.
Full of love
To share. 
and learn.
and be
From inside
and out.
And then,
the world,
will forever,
be bright.

Let`s Shine



About Helle

Helle`s mission is to inspire and teach people to empower themselves,  live the life they want, and be happier in live with the people they love. To learn how to empower, thrive, perform and care for themselves- and others on a higher level in life.  Her philosophy is called GIVE and has been developed through 20 years of  experience. Her uniqueness is the blend of training, nutrition and lifestyle aspects in her work.  She has a comprehensive approach where she teaches how to empower your body, mind and heart, and structure and optimize your daily life, with principles that will make you thrive in all areas of your life.

How to work with Helle:

Who am I, and how can I help you?

Many women I meet are finding it hard to find a good balance in life and to be the person they want to be and living a fulfilling life in all areas of life. They are having challenges in different areas of life, for example being at their best in their work, or as partners and/or as mothers. My experience is that most women are first and foremost struggling with taking good care of themselves- on a high level, which makes it hard to perform on a high level in other areas of life too. To be able to give on a high level to yourself are highly connected to being able to give to others- on a high level.  When people are not shining in their lives, they are often having challenges such as low energy, poor sleeping patterns, being overweight, not having a well-functioning stomach or gut, high stress levels, pain in their body, challenging relationships private and/or at work, struggling to reach their goals in life. In addition to that they are often not having a focused mindset, and finding it hard to be present and enjoying life- and basically being happy. Maybe you are having some of these challenges too?


Lasting happiness is something that most people need to be taught.  It really gets to me when I see women struggling in different ways in their lives. The reason for this is because I know that most women and maybe you too, have not gotten the tools and/or leant how to really shine in their life. Everyone is different, but there are som principles and tools that will help most people to really enjoy life, every day! Most people I meet have learnt to be kind, hard working and told to get an education and a job, which I was taught too as a child. These aspects in life are important lessons, but they are not enough to give you a high and continuous level of happiness in life. If you want to have a really good life and make yourself and the people around you really happy, you need more, more tools. Happiness is found when you apply universal principles in your life and you are working continuously on becoming the person you want to be, through a strong body, heart and mind. 

In my life I have experienced things I don’t want other people to experience.  At one point I almost lost everything in my life, even my kids. Going through that period over a relatively long time, I almost lost myself too.  
In one of my darkest moments, when I realized I was risking losing everything, I also realized that it had started with me. It was a brutal realization, and some will argue that it’s not true, but I knew: That I had never learnt to take really good care of myself, and that was the reason my life was slipping through my fingers. I had never gotten the tools to shine my light. I had been living in the shadows of who I really was. So I learnt it the hard way. I had two choices, to fight back, fight for myself, and my life, or to give up. I decided to fight and luckily I survived the learning process.  It took a while, it was hard and then it got harder, but I never gave up. What rescued me was the knowledge I had learnt from my parents: To always work hard and to never to give up. By holding on to these lessons I ended up protecting myself, the people I loved and my life. I had learnt over time to take good care of myself and by that, now taking even better care of the people I was having in my life. Eventually I could stand tall, full of love and also with a personal experience that has made me stronger than ever before. An experience I’m deeply grateful for today, because I’ve learnt how to live a good life. At the same time it has made it possible together with my expertise and experience as a coach and trainer, to give you and women all over the world an easier way to happiness.  

THE EASY WAY. My own journey has made it essential to me to share my knowledge and experience, so other women and you can learn it the easy way instead. I`ve always wanted to help women and my passion is now bigger than ever, to share with you how you can thrive, no matter where you are in life, no matter your struggles. Because happiness isn`t something you suddenly find. It`s a way of living. There are certain ingredients we all need to feel happy and to thrive, and if you are not shining your light, there is something you haven`t learnt or incorporated in your life yet, in the way you are thinking, feeling or acting.   There is also one more aspect you need in your life to thrive. An ingredient that you need in addition to optimize your training, nutrition and lifestyle.  It’s underestimated and often misunderstood and the lack of it will hold you back in all areas of life, and that is love. To Give love towards yourself and towards other people. We all need more love as the essential ingredient to thrive in our lives.

In my guidance and programs I teach you how you can thrive more and optimize your nutrition, workouts and your lifestyle. These 3 aspects are all connected, but sometimes it is good to start with one aspect that will boost your life. Usually, the persons I meet have specific goals they want to achieve, and we start by making efficient adjustments to  reach those goals asap.  

Your goals are my goals. You decide what you want to focus on and I will give you the tools you need to reach them as efficient as possible  
Through my knowledge, twenty years of experience, and also my personal journey in life, I do now have the tools I wished I had when I was twenty years old and even as a child, to be able to shine my light, and thrive! And now I’m sharing them with you.

My programs are inspired by the best people in each field in the world, combined with my own knowledge and experience. The Let`s Shine programs are made for you that want more out of life, and that want to be the best version of yourself. 

The question is therefore: What do you want in your life? What would really make you smile? Dare to choose from the top shelf and to reach to become the best version of yourself, so you can enjoy life more. That’s it. With you reaching for what you want, becoming the person you want to be, you will get even better at taking care of the people around you too. 

What Do You Want?


Helle Luxe has for almost 20 years been guiding people through training, nutrition and lifestyle. She is a lifestyle advisor, author and speaker with her own lifestyle studio  in the middle of Oslo, in Norway, in addition to her online studio and community: Empower&Shine.. She has long experience with helping people to lose weight, get rid of body pain, strengthen and tone their bodies, adjust and optimize their nutrition, increase their mental and emotional strength, and help people structure and organize their life better, to enjoy life more with the people they love. What you get with her empowering tools and long experienced, is better results and more fulling and happy life, both professionally and personally.

She has many well-known people and celebrities on her client list. Her philosophy is called GIVE and is based on 7 pillars that consist of a combination of training, nutrition and lifestyle tools to make people thrive more and experience high levels of happiness in their lives.  All though she guides both women and men, her passion is to empower women to take better care of themselves, so they can take better care of the people they have in their lives. Helle`s guidance and teachings stand out from other Lifestyle advisors, with her long experience, comprehensive approach, and combination of both training, nutrition and lifestyle tools. 

Her unique GIVE philosophy secures you reaching your goals and elevate your lifestyle in an efficient, fun and easy way.  You get all the aspects you need to shine, to increase your happiness, get a better health and a higher life quality, no matter what your goals are. 


Helle is the founder of Let`s Shine Studio
, earlier known as Smart Trening Studio that opened in Oslo in 2008. Since then she has written two books: “Smart Mamma” (2014) a lifestyle book for women that are pregnant or that have just given birth and ” Tren smartere” a lifestyle book written in cooperation with three Norwegian celebrities (2014). She is at the time being writing on her next lifestyle book. Helle has also been blogging for several years, was VGs (Norway’s biggest newspaper) training expert with a weekly column for several years and has been figuring in magazines, debates and TV.-shows in Norway, in addition to having  speeches about training, nutrition and lifestyle on different events and for companies.

Helle has a Bachelor degree from the University of Oslo in Socialantropology, with specialization in psychology. In 2020 she attended Robbins- Madens official coaching training and is now also a certified strategic intervention coach.  She is also a certified personal trainer from the Norwegian sports academy (NIH) and have almost 20 years experience of training and guiding people. Helle has also been taking several courses in nutrition, training and lifestyle through the years. From 2020-2024 she is continuing her education immersing in Tony Robbins` masteries and leadership academy in addition to Proctor Gallagher institute with Bob Proctor 2021 that is also ongoing. 

She has two kids and lives in Oslo, but commutes regularly to London. 

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