Do you want to know how you can feel great this autumn (no matter what)?


Well, I love to share it with you! I want as many people as possible to feel great and that includes you too!

The reason for this is that the better you feel, the more you can give and the better people around you will feel too. And that is a really good spiral!

So what to do to feel great? No matter what.

The first thing is to be aware that you are “doing” feeling crap when you are feeling crap. There are several things you do to feel that way.

1. It`s how you carry your body physically.
2. What you focus on.
3. What you are telling yourself.

You can easily find out how you are “doing crap” next time you are experiencing this feeling. How are your posture? How are your breathing? Are you looking down? What are you focusing on and what are you telling yourself?

For example: If it´s Monday and raining: Are you rolling your shoulders forward, looking down, thinking of the bad weather and that this will be a terrible day? Then you are ” doing feeling crap”.

To say it in other words. This is something I WILL NOT DO. I have stopped “doing feeling crap” I have trained my body and mind to do the opposite. From when I wake up and go to the bathroom I “do feeling great”.

If it rains?

I still walk with my body straight and I have a straight back because I workout regularly. I focus on all the good things that lay ahead of me. All the great people I’m going to meet and what I’m going to learn on this specific day. If I get wet on my feet because of the rain and I’m tempted to complain, I start giving thanks instead. I start thinking of everything I’m grateful for as long as I need to and guess what:

Then I’m “doing feeling great”.



  • I WORKOUT. I have a strong body and a good posture! It`s essential to feel good.
  • I GUARD my thoughts carefully. I “kill the antz” or destructive thoughts. I don`t allow them to fill my mind
  • I FOCUS on my goals. The daily goals and the bigger goals I have in my life. The things I have decided to do and complete and those goals keep me sentered and they help me avoid loosing joy out of sight.
  • I ACCEPT that resistance in life is there to make me stronger.
  • I GIVE THANKS as often as I can and especially if I find it hard not be negative or I get stressed or have thoughts that make me afraid.
  • I GIVE LOVE to myself and to others. I make sure to give at least 3 things that make myself happy every day and I do my best to make the people I meet happy too.

I will be honest with you. To be able to feel good through all days takes practice, but that is also the only thing it takes. (It doesn’t mean you can’t feel down or sad. I choose to feel down and sad sometimes, but very seldom to be honest. If I feel hurt, I can be with that emotion for a little while and then choose to do something about that feeling, maybe call someone, workout or just sing or dance and feel great again.

Next time you are tempted to feel a negative emotion, stop yourself and do great instead: Straigthen your body up, start to focus on something positive and tell yourself things as: “Today is a good day” and “What can I learn from this? If you find it really hard to do positive, start thinking about everything you are grateful for. Write it down if you need to. In example: I’m so grateful for being healthy, for my family, for my home and so on. Say it repeatedly and maybe move around with you head high and even try to smile.

I know it sounds crazy, but try. Try it out for a week at least.
And I’m sure that you too will have good days and even have better days then before.

I wish you a great autumn! I`d love to hear from you and what you experience! Send me an email at post@letsshine.no

Big love to you!

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