Get more free time by making a NOT to do list!

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Hey, I hope you are doing great in these last beautiful days of spring! I also hope you have gotten your training on your weekly schedule. Remember that working out twice a week will give good results and that your workouts don’t have to be long, but they need to be efficient!

Do you have a busy daily life? Then you are not alone.

One trick is to write down all the things you are doing on a regular basis and then ask yourself: 

What do I NOT need to do?
What could other people do?
How can I make it more efficient?
How can I automate it? 

By asking these questions you will find new ways and solutions to your “time thiefs”. For example, can you automate your grocery shopping and only do it once a week? Or maybe your kids can throw the garbage out? and so on. Look for new efficient solutions, that will give you more spare time, more joy and a more balanced daily life!

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To you who that is attending one of my studio or online sessions feel free to keep me posted on your workouts, so I know you are moving towards your goals. Send me a quick note here! Thank you and I see you soon!

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All the best!

Let`s Shine!

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