How Hilde got in shape and now is looking forward to turn 50!


Today I want to share the process of one of the persons I’ve been happy to guide on her way to get in shape after a knee injury and also by changing her diet. I really enjoy her story and the process she has gone through because it shows:

1: You can get results all though you are no longer in your twenties og thirties (or soon forties).

2: You can get toned without working out a lot.

3: Today is the best day to get into the shape you want to be in, all though you have an injury or not.

Hilde`s Comments:

A bad knee got me into a situation with no exercise and bad eating habits. I had been thinking about going to Helle for some years, but finally decided it was time to make a change. I really enjoyed Helle´s approach; she worked together with my physical therapist, adapted the training as the progress was made. She listens and looks at the whole person to constantly adapt the training. 6 months later my knee is a lot better, and I am in much better shape.”

While we were working on getting her knee better she also wanted to tone her body. All though she couldn’t workout that hard on her legs because of the knee, she did do some exercises at home regularly. In addition to the exercises to improve her knee, the fun part was: That she started to loose weight because of her changes in her diet.

“With Helles nutrition advice I have changed my eating habits and lost 4 kg. By dropping unwanted carbs and a lot of snacking, my body is a lot more toned and healthy.”

For me offering Lifestyle guidance it`s all about finding out what the person in front of me needs to shine more in her/his life. To give the persons the tools she or he needs to get the results that they want. That`s it. It`s always (almost without exception) a combination of workout, nutrition and lifestyle advice the persons I meet need.

And for Hilde I believe that the pictures of her body says a lot about the small continues changes that she has done in her diet and what great results that has given her.

Great work Hilde! You inspire and show me and others that getting in shape is something you can do, no matter the age and all though you have an injury!

“I am very happy I started at Let’s shine. It has changed my eating habits, I have improved my knee damage, and am looking forward to turning 50 with a healthy body. I really recommend Helle for they way she looks at the whole person. She is curious and analytical, and she adapts these abilities into the training session. “

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