How to get your week rolling!


If you make sure you have these ingredients in your week, the chances are good that you will feel great- and you will be on a roll!

Think about your week as you making your dream meal (and a meal that has at least 3 ingredients). You can choose between these ingredients:


Healthy meals
Alone time/CARE

Then it`s your job to make every ingredient should be a part of your days.
In example:

1: Write down when you are going to sleep and when you are going to work/study.

2: Then add when you are going to workout, what fun thing you are going to do daily and when you are going to eat your healthy meals.

3: At last make sure to have “love time”, time where you can be around people you love and both give and get love. Remember that giving love is a way of life. You give as a principle.

4: The last thing you need to remember is to make sure you have alone time where you do things that make you happy. It can be drinking a cup of coffee or going for a walk.

And then you are ready to roll!

With those 7 ingredients in your week, you have increased your chances on having a fantastic week!

All the best!

Let`s Shine this week!


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