We celebrate our reopening by giving you a 15% discount!

Let’s Shine studio is finally open again after 6. months of Corona restrictions!

We celebrate by launching our new updated Let’s Shine Nutrition Online Programs! A program that is made for your preferences, your daily life and your goals. 

Choose between our 3 weeks program that includes a fasting and fat-burning boost week and our 6 weeks program that also includes a workout week!

Get 15% launching discount if you order your program before the 15. of June! 

Use the code «15» and get your program discounted today! 

Check out our updated program and update your Nutrition and energy level this summer!

PS: We can also share that our PRIVATE, DUO AND TRIO PROGRAMS also are updated. This means that you get a lot more in your programs than you did before Corona… Do you want to take a sneak peek at the new programs? Check out Private Programs here and Duo/Trio Programs here. (And yes, you can combine them if you want to). Stay tuned for more great offers!…..

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