Why I contacted this years Gullbarbie winner and wrote this article in Dagbladet.no!


Read my article in Dagbladet.no here!

I believe in love and that means to look for the positive, solutions and inspiration when we meet challenges. Not the opposite, to focus on the negative, hate and bullying. 

That is why I wrote this article, why I believe it was so important to stand up and say: This is not OK. We need to change the focus. 

I will share with you that I also contacted this years winner of this horrible award and apologized. As a responsible fellow human I wanted to take my responsibility to say: I don’t support this, this award is NOT ok.

If I dont`t say anything I silently support this award or other similar campaigns and that will not feel right to me. I believe it’s important to remember that our actions are also when we choose to stay silent and decide to do nothing too. Not only when you stand up and say or do something. 

So today that is my message. 

Be true to be a loving human being. Be true to yourself, to the people around you, the ones you know and sometimes they you don’t know too. Be an example for your kids or others kids and make sure that they learn through love and not something that teaches the opposite. 

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