This exercise has been a part of my favorite exercises as long as I can remember.

As many know your back needs to have support by your stomach muscles to function well. Many people I meet have a stiff back and then it`s hard to get in touch with your stomach muscles, to round your back. Then it can be hard to strengthen your stomach and at the same time soften and strengthen your back. Therefor I really LOVE this exercise:


YOU GET: You both strengthen your stomach muscles on your way up and down and you soften your back IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY. It`s very important to Roll up and pull you up by your arms if needed and NOT jump up fast. Then you will just work your hip flexors instead and not get the softening and increasing of mobility in your back.

TO THIS: Start with bent legs and do 8- 10 repetitions once a day for a week and notice the difference!

Give it a go if you want a stronger stomach or a more flexible back or both! And yes, my experince says that you will most likely reduce back pain if you have that, so let’s roll!

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