I tell you why I train my brain daily and why you so should too! I share my brain workouts with you!


Do you want to reach your goals? Either you have health goals? Financial goals? or other goals in your life?

Well, then YOU HAVE TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN! It`s just like you need to adjust your nutrition when you want to loose weight or workout if you want to get strong and toned, you need to train your brain too to reach you goals and get long lasting results.

Many people are working out their brain without being aware of the fact that they are doing it. The result is that they get results, but not necessarily as good (or as fast or as long lasting) results as they could have gotten if they had done it consciously.

So today I’m going to share my daily BRAIN WORKOUTS with you to hopefully inspire you to start training your brain too.

Remember that Brain workout also can be defined as meditation, heart training, stress relief, activity to increase your sleeping quality or only a timeout. What ever you choose to call it you will get enormous benefits when you find the right brain workout for you.


The goal: To prime myself to be in love, full of gratitude and love and focus on my goals in life. It takes 10-15min. A period I have used Tony Robbins meditation and I put this on with earplugs and listen to the instructions.



The goal: Is to “restart” my brain and body. After an effective morning and I need to calm myself and reload. If I’m at home or are on a train or have a quiet place, I listen to some peaceful meditation music by Zen12 straight after lunch. It only takes 12 min.

Zen12 uses “brainwave entrainment” to help induce a super-deep state of relaxation. This involves using tiny audio pulses to influence your brainwave patterns, guiding you down into a deep state, while you remain awake.  Brainwave entrainment is an area of science that has been researched and proven for over 100 years. Zen12

And if I’m not alone or at home or on my way to a new appointment after lunch, I listen to classical piano music instead.


The goal with this workout is to calm my body and mind before going to bed and to get a good night sleep. I also want to “boost myself” by remember all the good things I have achieved through the day and also give thanks for everything that I’m grateful for. Things that has happened the same day, but also all small and big things that I’m grateful for in my life. I usually sit in silence on a pillow by my bed with closed eyes and with my hands on my heart. I close my eyes and focus on breathing in and out. Often when a day has been full of activities, meetings and impressions this workout helps me to end the day in a peaceful way and I avoid the situation that I’m lying in bed thinking of all the things that I need to remember the next day or other things. When this happens I find it very hard to fall asleep. It`s like my head can`t fall to sleep all though my body really want to sleep. When I sit on the pillow before going to bed I help myself to calm down and I can write down the things I need to remember straight after the meditation (or stop in the middle of it and do it, if it`s several things that comes to mind that I need to do/remember). Then I go back to breathing and to give thanks. This usually takes in between 2-10min.

The time interval is NOT important, the important thing is that just as you brush your teeth to take care of your teeth, you start to sit or lay down during your day to take care of your brain and your body in that way too.

This was one example of how you can train your brain through a day, but you don’t need to it several times during a day in the beginning. Start with the brain workout that you believe will be the best for you.

And remember: You can`t brush your teeth once a week……

Do it at least for a week and I would recommend you do it for a month. Then you can really notice the benefits, but believe me after a week you should notice a difference in your daily life and you should feel much better than you did before!

Good luck!

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