How Corona can give you more happiness, joy and big love in your life!


I give you my top 5 tips to make life feel great during Corona times.

I`ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, but to be honest I didn’t want to offend anyone. The reason for this is that the Corona virus is having tremendous affect on the world and most peoples lives. Therefor I just want to start of by saying that the people that have lost someone because of the Corona virus or are having big challenges physically, mentally, financially or in other areas in life have my deepest compassion.

The world is in midst of a big crisis. That’s the fact.

In my own life I’ve been working my ass off to find solutions on my work situation (Let`s Shine studio is closed for sessions at the studio), and I needed to upgrade my Online offers. I`ve also been taking care of my kids with home school, so Yes, I’ve had my share of things to put my energy in as most other people in these times.

BUT besides of that do you know what Corona has given me and can give you?

Time to evaluate my life. Time to be with me dearest, including myself.

Corona has sent us all to our rooms to think about our life and I believe in a way protecting Mother Earth from us destroying it.

There is no place to go,
nothing to do,
nothing outside our home that we can focus on.

We are stuck at home or said in other words with our hearts. We are all stuck with the thoughts we choose to think, the feelings we choose to feel and with the person we choose to be.

Some people have been using their time to clean their houses, that can also be seen as a way of cleaning their head. So what is left after the cleaning is done? After you have done the things that you finally have time to do now and you have removed the things that you don`t want in your house?

You are still facing you home and your heart and the person you choose to be without all the things around you. A little more naked maybe. A little more vulnerable because now it`s even easier to think thoughts and feel emotions you haven’t had the time or opportunity to think or be with. With a clean garage and home, there is suddenly space to look at what has been building up inside of you.

And now Corona is here and it will stay for a while.

And it gives us all the time, the opportunity for us to stop and look at our lives. To be with ourselves and listen to our thoughts and feel what we are truly feeling deep inside.

Fun? No. Not most of the time.

There is a very good reason why people choose to go shopping, traveling, being with friends, partying, going to the cinemas. It takes the focus away from the things that hurt inside of us, that make us frustrated and sad.

So let’s talk about the gift you now have gotten, if you choose to accept it. The opportunity to look at yourself, your life and deal with the things that aren’t working or are making you feel hurt. To look at new solutions, new ways of living your life and getting new and bigger joy and love in your life.

That’s the gift Corona is offering you. If you look besides the other challenges it gives you too, that make you need find your strength and new creative solutions.

The question is therefor: Do you accept the gift? Do you accept the pain and the fact that it hurts sometimes to grow? That it isn’t fun, but it is still a huge gift that can transform your life to the better.

If you accept it. Accepting the opportunity to be with yourself and deal with the things that now can reveal it selfs, I will promise you that a much bigger beauty, love and joy will be revealed in your life too. You might not see it or feel it right now, but you will get glimpses of it. The appreciation of the sun, the hug from your kids, the love you get from your partner and the fact that we are so d… lucky to live in Norway in these circumstances.

And after dealing with the sh.. for a while and not running off to drink beers with friends at the pub or inviting friends over for dinner, you will find bigger joy and happiness than before. To look inside of you and find beauty, joy and love, will bring beauty, joy and love to your life too.

So with that: I’m hoping you are doing fine in the corona situation we are currently living in. I also really hope you are grabbing this opportunity you now have to find big love and happiness in yourself, so you can find big love and more happiness in life too, when it`s time to go outside again.

Take care to care!
Let`s do our best to shine in these corona times!


1: Be alone consciously: Choose a time during the day when you are just going to be in silence. It can be when you are lying on the couch, sitting in a park/balcony. The goal is to do nothing. Just be with yourself. It can be only 5min.

2: Workout regulary and eat nourishing food. Workout at least 2 times a week. It`s important to keep your physically strength to deal with the mental and emotionally the shows up. To eat nourishing food that build you up is also essential to stay healthy.

3: Accept your negative emotions. It`s ok. Accept it and then decide what you are going to do feel better. Do NOT stay in negative emotions over time. Do something that makes you happy, that changes your state. The goal is to deal with negative emotions, not stay in them.

4: Do things that makes you happy. Take a bath, do your nails, read a book or sing in the shower. The smaller the thing you do to make your happy, the better.

5: Do things that make other people happy! This is just as important as making yourself happy. Giving to others will make you feel good too and make it easier for you to find solutions to challenges you may have, so give. Make people around you smile.

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