Congratulation Mums on having one of the most important jobs in the world!


Happy mothers day!

Being a mum is being a lot, but basically your job is to do your best to make sure your kids get a good life. It may be thousands way to achieve this, but I believe that the goal to give your kids the best opportunities in life is a universal goal.

That goal demands great commitment and an endless love flow and trying and failing and accepting that you are doing your best.

Because isn’t that true? That you too often or sometimes wish that you could do more? Mothers seldom or never say: “I’m excellent! I’m ruling being a mum! It`s easy, fun and great all the times.”

Ha ha! It`s not. Is it?

What it actually is, is hard work and you seldom feel your efforts are enough. Instead it`s easy to think and feel that you should have given more, always more. A mums work is 24/7 and your kids happiness and development are an ongoing project year after year.

That’s why I believe Mothers day is extremely important. Not because It`s necessary to tell everyone that you are a mum, but because it`s important to tell yourself that you are doing a hell of a good job being a mum! Because you are, because I am. We are doing our best to make strong, caring, independent and loving people.

And honestly, can you think of a more important job? I can`t.

So congratulations on the amazing job you are doing! For not giving up. For always caring and being there for your kids, in good times and in bad times, day and night. It´s hard work all though it`s a magical job too.

Thank you!

Thank you universe for giving me my two angels. For giving me the task to teach them to love, love themselves, the people they meet and nature. Thank you for letting me be a part of these two angels lives, to see them grow to be beautiful people full of love and light!

Being a mum never prepared me for the unconditional love I feel and the constantly goal of being there for them. To be their shelter and their support into this beautiful, crazy, roller coaster of a life.

Congratulation to you!

all the best

Let`s shine amazing mother!


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