Your Addons

Again, well done!
Now you have made a big difference in your life already, by just being conscious about what you are using your time on and adjusting it with new smart solutions suiting your life.
My surprise to you is that now it`s time to add on what you want to have more of to your list! After eliminating, deleting, automating and reducing time you are spending on existing activities, you should have extra time through your week to add what you want and need in your life to progress and live the life you want. Look at what you wrote down on the question: What do you want and need more of in your life? And then give each of your wants a category and add it to your list like this:
RELATIONSHIPS: More time to meet friends and family in my daily life for cosy meals and activities.
RELATIONSHIPS: More time with my partner to have fun and nourish our relationship
MY CARE: More time to workout, eat healthy and do meditation and mental training.
HOME: Improving my income, by changing my job or making better financial investments.
After you have done this you will have the overview of all the adjusted activities you are having in your life together with the activities you want to use more time on in the future. Get your add ons ready and you are ready for the final step!

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