Gratitude is one of the easiest way to happiness and that’s why it’s an extremely important routine to do on a daily basis. When doing the Gratitude routine you write down what you are grateful for in your life, at least 10 things. One of the things you are grateful for, should be something you are proud of accomplishing or something you are grateful for about yourself. For example: 

I`m so grateful that I kept a positive mindset even though I didn´t get the news I was hoping for. The other things you are grateful for can be anything and the smaller the things the better. It`s very beneficial to write down what you are grateful for that happened throughout your day.

This will remind you about the beauty you are having in your life and it will make you experience more joy and appreciation in your existing daily life. When writing down 10 things you are grateful for you create pictures in your head that again fills you up with good emotions and will inspire you to take right actions in your life. Do the gratitude routine at least once a day and it doesn`t matter when you do it.

Remember that the gratitude exercise is fantastic and can be done whenever, by just thinking about what you are grateful for. It will make you feel great in an instant. This exercise is one of the most profound exercises that you can do to improve your life. Thank you for listening.


PS: If you for some reason don`t have the time to write it down, you can do it mentally instead, thinking about what you are grateful for.

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