After getting enough and higher quality of sleep or at least more sleep, it`s time to have more fun! It doesn`t matter how hectic your daily life is, we want to find small joy buttons that you can push during the day and fill yourself up with joy

The goal with the Joy routine is to fill yourself with happiness and love. You need to give to yourself to be able to give to others. If you want to be a great giver, than it’s essential to start by giving to yourself on a daily basis. When doing the Joy routine, do 3 things that make you happy that don`t involve other people throughout your day. It can be different things such as drinking a cup of coffee, working out, enjoying the sun for 10min, taking a shower, reading a book, going for a walk or meditating. Small things and actions that you are doing to make yourself happy and it doesn`t have to take much time. Enjoy yourself!

The last routine of the week is the magical gratitude routine! It`s a diamant! 

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