Goal Activities

Well done!

Now the question is: What of your activities are actually taking you to your goals?

Look at your goals and look at what activities you are doing and ask yourself: What am I doing that is taking me closer to reaching my goals? Are the activities I`m doing giving me progress in my life?
Then write a G on the right for the things that are taking you to your goals and a N for the things that are not taking you to your goals. Some activities might be both. If you for example are having a job you enjoy and are taking you to your goal, but other parts of your job are not, you can write G/N. Or for example; making dinner. It can be taking you to your goal to a healthy way of living, but at the same time feeling like a drain making it and taking a lot of time making, then you can write G/N. Cleaning the house or watching TV are NOT taking you towards your goals, unless your main goals in life are to have a clean house and relax in front of the TV/IPAD. If you are not having those goals, then these activities are not doing you good, only in small amounts. To clean your house is a perfect example of something that is not taking you forward, because you need to repeat it weekly without progressing and so can making dinner be to.
The goal with this task is to make you conscious about the activities you are doing on a regular basis. To see where your activities actually are taking you and how much time you are using on the activities. This is the time in the program you get the chance to analyze your daily life, so dig into it and have fun with it. After you have done it, we can adjust your activities and the time you are using on the different aspects to get MORE out of your life. So be honest with yourself and let`s go!
For example: 
HEALTH: Sleeping 7-8 hours G
HEALTH: Working out 30min G
MY CARE: Showering 15min G
MY CARE Do my hair, make up, get dressed: 20min G
HEALTH Eating breakfast 20min G
MY CARE Scrolling on SOME 15min N
WORK/HEALTH: Going to work 30min N
WORK: Working 3hours G/N
RELATIONSHIP/HEALTHMeeting friends for lunch G 60min
WORK Working G/N 3 hours
WORK Going home from work 30min N
CHILDREN Picking up kids from kindergarten N/G 30min
MY CARE Scrolling on SOME 30min N
HOME Making dinner 60min G/N
CHILDREN: Playing with kids and getting them to bed 2 hours G
CARE Watching TV 2hours N
HOME Cleaning the house 1 hour N
HEALTH: Meditating 15min G

Good job! Now it`s time to ask the 4 magic questions.

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