Good work! 
Next we are going to organize the different activities into categories. 
Use the following categories:
MY CARE: That means everything you do to take care of yourself, what you do on your own to make yourself happy and activities connected to nutrition, workout and mindset.
WORK: Work or studies or the main activities you are doing during daytime. 
RELATIONSHIPS: Your relationships with your family, friends and partner.
HOME: Everything concerning your home, food, cleaning, car etc. (finances).
CHILDREN: Everything concerning your children and their wellbeing. 
Let`s go!
(Children): If you have Children and activities concerning them. 
(Wealth): if you want to you can have your own Wealth category concerning your finances. 
You can have more categories, but I will recommend you have as few as possible in the beginning. 5-6 categories are enough. You can also split Health and My Care into two categories if you want to. 
You can write the different category names on the left side of your activities, like this: 
HEALTH: Sleep 7-8 hours
HEALTH: Working out 30min
MY CARE: Showering 15min
MY CARE: Doing my hair, make up, getting dressed 20min
MYCARE/HEALTH: Eating breakfast 20min
MY CARE: Scrolling on SOME 15min
WORK/HEALTH: Going to work 30min
WORK: Working 3 hours
RELATIONSHIPS/HEALTH: Meeting friends for lunch 60min
WORK: Working 3 hours
WORK Going home from work 30min
CHILDREN: Picking up kids from kindergarten 30min
MY CARE: Scrolling on SOME 30min
HOME: Making dinner 60min
CHILDREN: Playing with kids and getting them to bed 2hours
HOME: Cleaning the house 45min
MY CARE: Watching TV 2 hours
MYCARE/HEALTH: Meditating 15min

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