4 Delegate, Eliminate, Automate & Time Adjusted

Good job!
Now we are going to make your list a little lighter: it`s time to ask the 4 magic questions:
1: What can you delegate on your list? What can you make other people do? Can you delegate making dinner to another person? Can you delegate some tasks at work to another person? Or exchange some of the tasks not making you progress, to some tasks that do take you to your goals? Or getting someone else to pick up your kids from kindergarten or school? Not everyday, but maybe a couple of days during the week? 
2: What can you eliminate from your list? What can you just remove totally? For example, can you get the kids to throw out the trash, so you don`t have to? Can you get someone else to take the full responsibility to clean your house? And what about the time you are using on activities that are not taking you towards your goal? Can you work from home during the week and not use 60min to get to work and back? Or find a more efficient way to get to work and home?
3: What can you automate? Can you order ready-made meals, dinners? Just like you can automate your grocery shopping online and get someone else to do the cleaning with you being barely involved, so it runs smoothly on it`s own?
4: What activities on the list can you reduce the time you are using on it? Do you need to shower every day? If you enjoy your time on SOME, can you adjust the time you are using on that activity? Or the time you are using getting to work and back? Do you need to use 2 hours with your kids or can you use 1,5 hour and have more high quality time in that time frame?
It’s about thinking in a new way, to find new solutions and live a smarter life. We are making so many decisions every day and by making smarter decisions we are making it so much easier to have a good life. If you’re stuck in activities that are not making your life progress or making you feel good, you will be stressed, feeling blue and experience life often as a drain.
We are going to enjoy activites that are not taking us towards our goals too, but we need to be conscious about which activities these are and how much time we are using on them. After you have answered the four questions and found better solutions for the activities you currently are having in your life, then I have a fun surprise for you. Let’s answer the 4 magic questions!
HEALTH: Sleeping 8 hours G
HEALTH: Working out 30min G
MY CARE: Showering 15min G (Shower every other day)
MY CARE Do my hair, make up, get dressed: 20min G
HEALTH Eating breakfast 20min G
MY CARE Scrolling on SOME 15min N
WORK/:HEALTH:Going to work 30min N ( Walk only parts of the journey)
WORK: Working 3hours G/N
RELATIONSHIP/HEALTHMeeting friends for lunch G 60min
WORK Working G/N 3 hours (Ask to get more of other tasks)
WORK Going home from work 30min N ( Walk only parts of the journey)
CHILDREN Picking up kids from kindergarten N/G 30min (Take turns on picking up my kids and my friends kids)
MY CARE Scrolling on SOME 30min N (ELIMINATE)
HOME Making dinner 60min G/N (Make double dinner 3 times a week, so I can warm it up the next day og take a previous one from the fridge).
CHILDREN: Playing with kids and getting them to bed 2 hours G ( Use only 75min and skip Ipad watching with them and instead play some cards).
CARE Watching TV 2hours N (Reduce time to 30min)
HOME Cleaning the house 1 hour N (Get a house cleaner or ask my oldest one if she wants to earn extra money on cleaning).
HEALTH: Meditating 15min G

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