1 Goals + Why

1 Goals

What do you want? 


With this goal routine we want you to get crystal clear on what you want in your life, so you can start experiencing more happiness in your life than what you are having now. If you don`t know what you want, then you are going to ask yourself: What would make me really happy in life? Then write down what you want in a book or on a piece of paper. Try to be as specific as possible if you can. To get new results in your life, it starts with what you want, what you desire. What would make you truly happy? It’s also very important to write down WHY these goals are important to you. Write down all the reasons why you want what you want. Your whys will keep your motivation high and be the reason why you will take actions towards your goals on a consistent basis. What benefits will you and the people around you get from you reaching your goals? You can also choose to write down what you are risking if you are not reaching your goals, to increase your motivation even more. Remember to give yourself time. This means that if you are not sure what you want so, keep writing down what you want through a week or some time. It’s important to find your desires. If you for some reason don`t know what you want at all, then ask yourself: What do I don`t want? Because by answering that question you will then be able to find what you want.  



Place your goals under the following categories: 

MY CARE/HEALTH: That means Goals related to: Everything you do to take care of yourself, what you do on your own to make yourself happy (CARE) and activities connected to nutrition, workout and mindset (HEALTH)
WORK: That means Goals related to: Work or studies or the main activities you are doing during daytime
RELATIONSHIPS: That means Goals related to: Your relationships with your family, friends and partner.
HOME: That means Goals related to: Everything concerning your home, food, cleaning, car etc. (finances)
(CHILDREN): That means goals related to your children and their well being.
For example:
MYCARE: Workout 2 per week and meditate a minimum of 3 times weekly.
HOME: Have smooth running daily life on a 8 from 1-10.
HOME: Have 3 good finance investments


So now you have written down what you want in your life, and let me be the first one to congratulate you! Congrats! Most people spend more time writing down what they are buying for dinner than being clear on what they want and need in their life to be happy. So well done! You have now taken a gigantic step towards your goals, by being clear on what you want and desire in life.
After you have written down what you want you are now ready for the next step, to answer the second most important question: Why? Why do you want what you want? What will it give you in your life to achieve those goals?
Your why is the most important part in achieving your goals. The reason for this is that all though it`s super important to have goals, your whys are your fuel towards your goals. If you don`t have the fuel you won`t have enough gas to get to your destination. Because there will be days where you feel you don`t have the time or energy to do the actions you have planned towards your goals and that`s when you need to have your whys. These are all the reasons why you desire what you desire. What benefits will it give you and the people you love when you achieve your goals? Will you have more to give to people around you? Will you be a better person? Have more energy? You can also write down what will happen if you don`t reach your goals too? What are you risking? Being unhappy? low in energy? feeling bad about yourself? Stressed?
It won`t be a good place to be, would it? And you wouldn`t be your best you. Your whys are your true desires and also your inner fears, and we need those to get us going, to fuel us to get as fast as possible to our new destination. Your whys will keep you going towards your goals on a regular basis and not make your goals into a new years resolution that you give up after a short while. Your whys, give you all the reasons you need to take the necessary actions towards your goal and will make it much easier for you to reach your goals.
So therefore, write down the following: 1: All the reasons why it’s very important that you reach your goals. Write down all the benefits that come to mind. How will it make you feel? Will you be proud of yourself? Get more inner peace or joy? How will it affect the people you are having in your life? How will they benefit from you reaching your goals? Okay, that’s step one.
Then step 2: Write down what the negative consequences you will risk if you do not reach your goals? What is the worst thing that will happen then? How will you feel? How will it affect you and the people you love? What will you lose by not achieving your goals? What will happen then?
That’s it! First write down the positive consequences and then write down what you are risking of negative consequences if you do not achieve your goals. Let’s go!
To get a smarter and an easier lifestyle, it`s important to see what aspects and activities you are having in your life. This so we can organize and make your days more efficient, so you can enjoy life more. 

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