How Pro are You in Living your Life, and Making Proactive Choices to really Thrive?

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I am beyond excited to be a guest on “The Art of Living Proactively” podcast with Tony Winyard. Today, I want to share with you my incredible journey from darkness to light and the seven pillars of joyful living that guided me along the way.

For years, I struggled to find my true path, relying on others to fill the void within me. But I learned the hard way that true happiness cannot come from external sources; it must begin within ourselves. That’s why I believe in the power of self-love and contribution.

You see, I used to be a personal trainer, and while focusing on physical workouts and nutrition played a part, I realized that it wasn’t enough for long-term success. Truly nourishing ourselves means embracing self-care, meditation, forgiveness, and spreading joy.

One of the key lessons I’ve learned is the importance of giving to ourselves first. It’s so easy to put our own needs on the back-burner, particularly as women juggling multiple responsibilities. But trust me, neglecting ourselves only leads to negative behaviors and becoming the women we don’t want to be.

That’s why I’ve created my “seven pillars and tools” to help people learn and shine in their lives. From mental training and prioritizing self-care to making conscious choices and surrounding ourselves with positive energy, these pillars are the keys to unlocking our inner glow.

Join me on this transformative journey of self-discovery and self-investment. Together, let’s learn to nourish ourselves, say no when necessary, and become the person we truly want to be. Rediscover your inner light, and let it pave the way for a life filled with love, joy, and purpose.

Don’t forget to tune in to “The Art of Living Proactively” with Tony Winyard and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platforms – YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. And if you enjoy today’s episode, please share it with others to spread the light!

Thank you for listening, and remember, you are worthy of love and care. It all begins with giving to yourself first.


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Hvor profesjonell er du i å leve livet ditt og ta proaktive valg for å virkelig blomstre?

Sjekk ut innlegget mitt om pro-living gjennom proaktive valg, der jeg er gjestetaler på podcasten “The Art of Living Proactively” med den fantastiske Tony Winyard.

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