Why I cry


This weekend I cried a lot. I don`t often cry, but sometimes I choose to.

Life gives you challenges and I believe that the best thing you can do is to remember that challenges are a workout.
Either you workout your heart, your brain or your body. Life gives you resistance to grow as a person. To build and tone your muscles.

But it`s a W-O-R-K-O-U-T.

It`s work and work is work. It takes energy, effort, focus and time. It can be exhausting and frustrating and also painful.

To grow is to be in the dirt and work. That’s where the roses grow and blossom, from the dirt. So just as them we need to stand in the dirt and work and grow, so we all can blossom and shine more in our lives.

So sometimes I cry. Because it`s hard to workout and grow as a person. My body, head and/or heart just need a break and to release the pain.

To feel the pain that life gives me in my growth. To allow myself to be small, vulnerable and weak and to feel these emotions. So I choose to be with those emotions for a while and cry. It`s just like resting in between workouts. Just like you are lying on the couch or going for a walk, crying can also be restitution. So I choose to be with those emotions for a while and cry. To relase and to rest and to be in the pain.

For a while, but not too long or too often. Because the pain also has a message for me.


For me and for you to think and/or act differently. That’s where the growth is, to learn from the pain.

To realize that I need to think differently or act differently to be able to blossom and shine. It`s like you are walking in the darkness and you hit your head in a wall, it hurts and maybe you cry, but after a while it`s time to ask yourself: What`s the message here? What can I learn? What can I do differently? What is my goal? and can I get to my goal in a more softer way? or another way?

I therefor want to remind you to cry or at least to accept the pain we experience as human and the gift it has to offer us.

Accepting the gift will help you to grow and that will give you more moments of laughter and love in your life. Life will keep getting better and better if you keep accepting the pain in your life too, and keep working out and learning.

You will get strong, toned and flexible and more easily master life, blossom and shine.

Let`s Shine.

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