Routines of love and joy


Most people understand that they need to workout regularly to have a good health and get results, but why don’t they do the same with love and joy?

That’s todays`question. To be happy and to be in love are not something that just happens and that just disappear again. It`s a choice of living.

You might get lucky and feel that you are happy one day and full of love, but if so: You might get just as unlucky and out of love the next day. So what’s my point?

To be in love and to have a life full of joy are a choice of living.

You decide that you want to have the results of love and joy in your life and then you start working on being it,regulary and at least twice a week.

So tell me: What do you daily to make sure that you are happy and in love?

Do you give thanks?
Think about all the things you can be grateful for?
Do you decide when you wake up that: Today is a good day?
Do you daily send and give love to the people you have in your life? A txtmessage? A hug? A compliment?
And do you do at least do three things that make you happy every day?

The trick is to have joy and love routines daily and weekly. Just as you have nutrition, training and sleeping routines, you need to add joy and love routines too.

Does it make sense?

Design a life full of joy and love by adding at least one thing a day you do for your joy and love and one thing you do for others. That’s it. By doing that you are designing a life with happiness and love.

Write it down now what you are going to do daily from today!

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