A training in giving and receiving love and happiness.


My 7. Pillar is giving you the last secret ingredients to increase happiness and love in your life, and at the same time summing up the six others pillars into one sentence: It`s about giving. 



To give and to receive are two sides of the same coin. They are like hot and cold, night and day. We need to embrace both. To learn the dynamics in giving and receiving, and how these two are intertwined, and not at least how you can best integrate the dynamics into your life, are very important to experience more joy and happiness in your life. 


The basic principle that is the essential aspect of the 6 other pillars is to give to yourself. 

To fill yourself up with joy and happiness, so you can share and pass forward and give to other people. That’s why heart, mental, nutrition, physical, meditation and joy training are essential aspects in my Let’s Shine philosophy. You learn to take good care of yourself, so you can start to take good care of others too.



Then we are on the next level, where we want to start to experience constant happiness and joy, in the giving to others, and likewise to receive from others. 

What we are giving to other people is energy, and what we are receiving is energy. Just like blood is passing through the channels in the body, energy is passing through the channels called you and me.

These two aspects need to circulate, just like the blood is flowing in your veins, being pumped out from the heart(giving), and then flowing back to the heart again (receiving). We also need to make sure our channel is not cluttered and the energy finds it hard to pass through our veins. That’s why for-give is essential as the third element (the. 5 pillar: Meditation training). To let go, to create space and a good flow through us as a channel. We don`t want a clot, but a clear passage for the energy to circulate.


Everything is energy, and you and me are channels that energy is passing through. Our privilege as human beings is to determine how we want to channel the energy passing through. We decide that through how we are thinking and feeling, and acting: What we choose to give, and what we choose to receive. You transform the energy with shat you are focusing on, thinking and feeling and how you are acting. These aspects determine what you are sending out (giving) and what you are receiving (getting) in your life.

We shape and determine what kind of energy we are passing forward to others. Besides generating energy in ourselves we give energy and we receive energy from others. Energy can be a loving thought, a gift, a compliment or laughter. It can also be hateful thoughts, negative feelings, and actions. It`s all energy, and we choose, we decide every second how we transform the energy through our consciousness, thoughts and feelings, how we want to channel it, How we want to give the energy and to receive it.

Either you choose to give through elevating the energy and vibration through love and happiness, or lowering the energy and vibrations by destructive and negative thoughts and actions. 

We choose what we give, and by that also deciding what we will receive. We create patterns that the energy we are passing through us, and out, can be sent back to us through. It`s just like our blood circulating in our blood vessels, out and then back again.




Maybe a silly question, but it is too important aspect in a happy life to not define.

Giving is to give something to another person, in different forms of energy as service, gift, time, words for example.

The intention should be to give to the other person something that makes the other person happy and contributes to a positive growth in his/her life.

Giving as principle is not about you getting anything in return. 

We want to give abundantly and freely, with no strings attached. If you give something, but expect something in return, it`s not giving. It`s a barter. When you give with no obligations or dictations attached, then it will also come back to you unburdened with obligations or restrictions of any form. To give, you give and you let go. 



If you are sending out positive energy or vibrations, you will receive positive energy or vibrations back. It`s energy. It`s karma, it`s a principle. If you are sending something out, it will at some point come back to you in return. What you give, you will get in return. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily will get it back in the same form or from the same person you gave it to, but the positive energy you have sent out, will come back to you in some way or another.


Did you know that you can waste your energy and giving, and not get any good returns? This may seem to contradict the principle of what you give, you get, but there is as pointed out intertwined with the aspect of receiving. You can have an intention of giving positive energy to a person, but it doesn’t mean that the person receives it as positive. In that sense that the person isn’t able to receive what you are giving. You can give a person a gift you have put great effort in, but the person doesn`t appreciate your gift or effort. If the person is not appreciating what you are giving, then the person is not receiving it. To really appreciate what you are getting, given in life, is the same as receiving it. 

If you want a person to feel your love, it`s essential to make sure you give something that they appreciate, not what you want to give.  It`s not about you when giving. To give love, is to make the person FEEL love. You adjust your vibration or energy to match the receiver. You find a way that the person will appreciate your gift, energy and giving.  If you are not doing this, you are unfortunately wasting your energy, and since it is not being appreciated you are not getting the best possible return you could get from your giving. It`s not benefiting them the way it could, or you.
This is a sad and a little frustrating aspect when it comes to giving, but non the less important to remember.
Make sure what you give is being appreciated and received.


Another aspect of wasting your energy, love and giving, is if you give MORE than what the person can receive. It can be too much energy. Which makes it hard for the other person to really appreciate and receive all of it, and the amounts of energy that the person isn’t able to appreciate and receive, will be lost.  For example if you are giving a person a great offer, and even a discount, but they dont appreciate your gesture and great offer, its wasted. You might be generous, but they don`t recognize it, and by not recognizing it,  they are not appreciating it or receiving it. 

You are then wasting your energy, love and giving, and what you will get in return is the amount of energy that the other person is able to receive. Not more. 

They will not give more back to you, than what they can receive from you. 



It is worth repeating: To give, is to give freely and abundantly without expecting anything concrete in return. Your focus should being given to the fact that you can give. To be aloud to give. As a benefit. With no strings attached. If you are giving to get something in return, you are not giving, it will instead be a barter, as « I will give you X, and then I will get Y in return». To give, you give and you let go. 

The only two aspects you should be aware of when giving are: 1: If the person appreciates what you are giving, and 2: If what you are giving is actually supporting in a positive way (creating growth) in that persons life. One example is if you are lending a person money, because he is broke because of gambling. He will appreciate it, but then he will spend it on gambling and keep behaving in a destructive way, and you will not get your money back. A better solution would be to offer him a meal or find someone to help him with his gambling problem. It can also be in a relation to person in your private life, as a family member, or a friend or a colleague at work. Where you are giving your best, trying to make a person happy, but he/she doesn’t really appreciate your efforts, and/or your giving is not contributing to a positive growth for that person or your relationship, and at the same time you get worn out. That is not a positive contribution or growth.

The easiest way to look at a situation as that, is to realize that what you are giving is not being received, and instead wasted. Therefore you should adjust your giving to where it turns into something positive for that person and for you too. It might be to adjust the way you are giving, to give less or differently, so they can actually appreciate what you are giving, or it may mean to stop giving to that person all together. Remember that the goal is to give the person something positive that contributes to growth on some level, and sometimes the best way is to give love through your thoughts and not giving directly to that person. 

If you continue giving in the same way, you are risking throwing away your love and energy on giving to this person, and it will not serve the predominated goal by giving: To contribute to a positive growth in that persons life, and neither supporting your growth, and you receiving more love and happiness in your life.

Therefore it is essential to remember to ask yourself this question when giving:  Is what I’m giving to that person being appreciated, and is it contributing to a positive growth in his/her life on some level?

Then you are ensuring that what you are giving is being channeled to something good for that person, and also for you in return. In worst case you are not only risking the person misuse your gift, but he/she will abuse you if, and when you cease giving.



Two sides of the same coin. Two sides of the same heart, intertwined through veins, channels. Give to yourself, then give to others, and then receive. 

You can get only the equivalent to what you give. When you give as freely as possible, and also being aware of not wasting your giving, you can expect to get equivalent to what you have given. Give your energy through many differents forms as your thoughts, your words, your services and your deed. Give your best and you will receive better things in return.  By giving you are creating a pattern to receive in return. If you give on a regular basis, you are also creating a pattern of receiving on a regular basis.

At the same time you can’t only give. It can’t only be hot and night. We need to receive, to have cold and day too. We need both. Hot and cold ,and night and day. The blood pumping out of our veins, but also coming back again into our heart. 

After we are giving on a regular basis, and in different areas of our lives, sending out positive energy, it`s time to prepare to receive the positive energy in return. 



How are you preparing to receive? We are doing it all the time through the same way as we are giving, through what we are thinking, feeling and acting. We prepare and attract to receive, through what we are thinking of and expecting. If you are thinking of what you don’t want and at the same time expecting that what you don’t want will happen, it will happen. What you are focusing on, either you choose the positive focus or the negative focus, is your desire. Are you choosing to focus on being rich? Or not being poor? What is your desire? Remember that the channel doesn’t care if it`s a positive or negative focus. You are attracting the words and emotions you are focusing on. The energy flows where focus goes, either you focus on “poor” or “rich”. Therefore make sure your focus is on the positive! On what you want to happen, and not on what you don’t want. Your expectations are then the magnet and will together with you continuous actions attract it to you. So if you are focusing on not wanting to be poor and you are expecting to have a hard time with money, well, it`s not hard to see what you will get: To be poor and have a hard time with money. Keep your mind and focus on what you desire, and make sure you are expecting in your heart to actually get what you desire.  



This means to act in life as if it will happen. When you are having and desire and expecting it, you plan as if it will happen. 
If you for example want to move into your dream home, but you haven`t found the home yet. You can still start to start packing down your things and get ready to move, and go and check out different houses. You are acting congruent to your desire and based on your expectations to get it.  Just like a woman that is pregnant is preparing for the baby that is coming. She is not doubting.  The same you need to do. To act based on your desire daily. To trust that it will come all though you don`t necessarily know how.



This means to give and then let go of any negative ideas and expectations. To have a positive focus, and expectations that the good will come to you, and trust that you will receive it. To act based on your positive focus and then relax and be open to receive what you wished for. Remember that what you wish for often comes in another way or form than we usually expect, so be open to receive and appreciate what ever good that comes your way. 



What you get! This is a foolish mistake I as many people often do. We forget what we get. Our lack of awareness, positive focus and mentally search for what we are given, are robbing us from appreciating and receiving that we are actually given. If you don’t think about, acknowledge what you get, you never got it. It’s your awareness that “confirms the delivery of energy” and your positive emotions you get from acknowledging it. Do not forget what you get. Look for every little thing of beauty that you can appreciate in your life every day. A smile, a compliment, the sun, a helping hand, a great moment, or good service. Search for the good. It is so easy to block the positive energy by focusing on what you didn’t get. Change your expectations, with appreciation. One easy way to make sure you don’t forget to receive what is given to you, is to daily give thanks in written or just giving thanks in your mind. Find at least ten things every day that you are grateful for, to keep your heart and mind focused on receiving through acknowledging and appreciation.

Make sure that you appreciate everything you are given, big as small gifts. Words, services, thoughts, or deeds. The more you appreciate in your life, the more good you are inviting into your life. 




1: Be a positive channels and Give positive energy and receive positive energy in return, and remember to let go of the rest (forgive). 

2: Give your best and more energy, and you will receive more energy and better things in return.

3: Give consciously to not waste your energy, and make sure that you are not wasting your returns.

4: Give yourself a positive focus and desires, and act out of trust and expectancy to receive it.

5: Awareness is everything. Be aware of what you are giving, and if it is being received, and not at least what you receive. Look for all the many things you can be grateful for in your dailylife and make sure to appreciate it through thinking about it, writing down your appreciations and saying: “Thank you”, every day. 

Then you will circulate big amounts of happiness and joy in your life on a continuous basis, and likewise experience big happiness continuous in your life. 


Let´s Shine!


All the best

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