A training in getting a strong, flexible and a well-functioning body. 

When I started in the health industry twenty years ago, it was all about the physical training. To strengthen the muscles in our body, our heart pump and also to have a well functioning body. 
Now, it’s still very important to have a strong and functional body, but there is a reason why Physical Training is number four of my seven pillars. 

I believe it starts with your heart, a strong mind, and a good nutrition, and then it’s  time to strengthen your body. 
It doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t start the process by first working out your body physically, but your heart, mind and nutrition should be taken into account too.

– If the goal is to increase your happiness and shine more in your life.

Your body is your tempel
Your body is the structure or  the machine that are physically taking you through life. It takes you out of bed, through your day, no matter what you choose to use your days on. Without your body you wouldn`t physically be able to experience life. Your body is in that sense everything.

Without having a body that is strong, flexible and functioning well, you are robbing yourself from the opportunity to live the life you want to live. Either you are sick, having pain in your body, or are lacking energy. 

A weak body deprives you from living a great life
At least physically. All though we now know that our happiness is also connected to our heart, mind and nutrition too, (in addition to the last three pillars).

Your body has a hidden gateway to happiness
All thought the road to happiness is more than physical training. The physical training has a secret gateway to accessing happiness in just a second.
The way you are moving your body and choosing to carry yourself physically, determine how happy you can be in your life. This is essential when it comes to physical training.  Besides helping you to function well in you daily life, and being able to do physical activities, a strong body also makes it possible to feel big happiness. 

The secret is in your spine
Your happiness is hidden in your back. If you look at your back and your spine right now, you will be able to  observe how accessible your happiness is. Are you sitting or standing with a straight back? With your shoulders pulled a little back and your head at the top of your spine?
Or are you having a curved back, with rounded shoulders and your head a little forward?  

Well, my point is this: If you are having a straight back you won’t have access to  “negative emotions” in the same way as you would if you are curving your back and looking down. Opposite with a good posture that comes from a strong back and butt, and a general strong body you will access more easily “positive emotions” and feel happy. 

A strong body supports a strong mind
By working out your body physically you are also strengthening your heart (physically and emotionally), in addition to supporting your mental training. It will be easier to have a positive mind and keeping your daily focus and do your planned activities when you are physically empowered and carrying your body with confidence and in a respectful manner, and without pain and with ease. 

Energy is created in you
Your body is also your powerstation when it comes to creating energy. Your body is the source of energy, not something around you. It’s how you treat your body, and use your body daily, that will determine how strong and powerful your powerstation is. Physical training is about building up strength and power to get the energy you need to do what you want to do, and live the life you want to live. By dancing in your living room as an example, you will create energy in your body. Dancing is turning on your power station, just as other movements are increasing your energy. Movement increases your energy. 

What kind of physical workout should I do?
It depends of course on your physical goals. Some people love to run, other people want to do yoga and focus more on the breathing and meditation. 

If you want a strong, toned, well functioning body I do recommend a combination of the following on a general basis (Remember that there are always individual variations:

Physical strength training is top one priority. To increase your muscle strength. This can be done with, our without weights, but you should experience that your are getting stronger in your muscles. How often this should be done depends if you want to workout 5-10min daily or have longer workouts and workout only 2-3 times per week and your age.
Secondly I would prioritize to work your heart muscles, cardio and to make sure you  are keeping your mobility and flexibility in your body. 

Make your physical workouts easy and efficient
Don’t use too much time on your physical workouts. Instead of separating your strength workout, your cardio and mobility workout, combine it. 
You can do this by doing strengthening exercises that also increases your mobility and flexibility, and/or you can add cardio training too, by having few pauses in between the different exercises. Or you can combine strength, cardio and mobility training in another combination.

Let`s Shine Workouts 
In my workouts I have different combinations when it comes to physical training and the other six pillars.
I usually combine strength training, with flexibility training, and sometimes cardio too. Other times I combine physical training with heart training (emotional) or mental training, or some of the other pillars. 

Do you want to try my Physical workouts, I recommend to join my Let’s Shine Lifestyle where you can choose between 5-10min, 10-20min and 20-40min workouts, in addition you get the combination with the other pillars too. Click here to join for free.  

Summed up Physical Training, there are 5 basics reasons why I recommend you to prioritize your physical training: 

1: You will get a well functioning body in your daily life, and a body your feel confident in,  so you can live the life you are dreaming of. 

2: You will increase your happiness by more easily accessing your happiness through your muscles and having a good posture. 

3: You will support and strengthen your mind and heart too, by having a strong and well functioning body, that again will increase your happiness. 

4: You will get a great power station that will increase your energy and the possibility to live the life you want. 

5: By combining strength, cardio and mobility workouts, you will workout all the essential parts of your body and also do this in and easy and efficient way. Alternatively you can separate the workouts, it that works better for you. 

To live a happy life and to shine more in our lives, we need to take good care of our physical body so we can move with power and ease through life. 

Let`s Shine!

All the best

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