A training in creating and protecting your beautiful life and happiness.


Mental training is the second pillar in my tool box of seven stars to be happier and to shine more in your life. To have a strong mind is the essential building block after your heart training. Your mind controls your world. You live in your mind. You live through your thoughts, and the images you create, that again creates your feelings. What you fill your mind with is what your life consists of. To have a beautiful and happy mind will give you a beautiful and happy life. 

Therefore I believe mental training is one of the most underestimated tools and trainings you can do daily, to create your beautiful and happy life and at the same time protect it.

In paradise, but in h…

One time when I was on a holiday, and basically in paradis, were I woke up to white beaches, hot weather and sun. One morning though I took myself in complaining to my partner. I felt tired after a bad night`s sleep and a little grumpy.  Shortly after  it dawned on me how ugly and cheep my mind and my world were, if I could choose to complain in the beautiful world and surroundings I was in.  If I couldn’t be totally happy in paradise, how the h… could I be happy at home? I was truly ashamed.

Ashamed by not having stronger muscles mentally to guard my world and my happiness. It didn’t take me more than a couple of bad night`s sleep in paradise, and my happiness was gone. It showed me again the importance of training my mind daily to embrace a solid happiness, and not a cheap one. To get a solid happiness that is NOT affected by the weather, the cold, some bad news, or yes, a couple of nights of bad sleep. 

Mental training protects your happiness. 

There are several aspects connected to mental training, and some of them are connected to others of my 7 pillars. The essential parts though are the following: 

Your mental strength is determined basically by the following:  
1: What you are focusing on in your daily life. Do you have a positive or negative focus?
2: What kind of words are you choosing to use daily to create your reality, your world?
3: What kind of pictures and visions about your life are you holding onto in your mind?
4: And not at least how resistant are you when it comes to protecting your mind and happiness from being affected by the outside world (in example bad weather or sleep?


Your speech reveals your world. 
A person talking, reveals a lot about what kind of world they are living in, by the words they are using, and not using. A person that is talking a lot about crisis or hard times, lives in a world of crisis and hard times. A person that chooses to use the word of «hate» instead of «dislike» are creating a lot of negative emotions in their lives by using that word. On the other hand: A person that talks about what he or she are grateful for, and what makes them happy, are creating a world full of gratitude, love and joy. Your are creating your world through what you are choosing to focus on, what words you are using, what vision you choose to hold on to, and how good you are at protecting your happiness. I will repeat it again because it’s so essential: Your outside world is created by how good you are at creating and protecting your mind, your inside world. 


Mental strength creates a magical life. As mentioned the lack of words are also telling me a lot about what a person is not having in their life. I remember I told one client in a session: «I don’t know how your relationship is with your husband, but what I do know, is that it’s not magical». She looked at me and said: «How can you know that?». I answered: Because the word «magical» is not a word you are using in your daily speech or when you are talking about your relationship. How can it then be magical, when “magical” is not a part of your vocabulary and your world?


What comes first? Your thoughts or your experience? The chicken or the egg? I believe, It’s actually not that hard to answer. The reason for that is: What you are focusing on, thinking of, with your choice of words, are creating a framework for your life and your experience of the world. That framework determines how you can experience the outside world. If you have been told regularly since you were a child that you can get what ever you put your mind and work into, you will look at the outside world and think: I can go out into the world and get what ever I want, if I put my mind and work into it» In the opposite case: If you have been told to expect that people are selfish, and that life is hard, you will go out into the world and expect to meet selfish people and a world that is hard. Your framework with an image and expectations of the world, together with your choice of words have been programmed into you. The framework was programmed by the people and situations that you were surrounded by as as child, when you grew up. In that sense, you can rest in the fact that you are NOT responsible for who you are. You are a product of your surroundings. Their world, their beliefs, their choice of words, and their feelings about the world. You were born and are living into their framework of their world, till the day you decide to start living your own life.

Your choice of life.  

So, is that a liberating thought? To not be responsible of who you are?Or a scary one?

I believe it’s a liberating thought, because there is no point in blaming yourself, or blaming your parents. They did their best, and you would have grown up in someones framework, anyways. But of course some frameworks are better than others.

Summed up: As children we all get programmed by our surroundings and based on accepting that statement, it is not your fault or responsibility who you were or are as a child.

So what is your responsibility then? Your responsibility as an adult is to become the person you want to be, and can be. That is your responsibility.

To take the responsibility in your life, to grow into the person and into that life you want, not expecting your parents, your partner, your friends or government to do it for you. Here is where your mental training is essential, to start to create your own life.

To start training your mind with new and better words, and a new framework of the world you want to live in. To start living in your mind as the person you want to be and the life you want to live. To create yourself and your life on the inside, in your mind, so you then can create it on the outside. 

It’s start from within. 
Mental training is about creating the person you want to be and the life you want to have in your mind, first. To be conscious about what you want your life to be like, not keep living in the programmed old framework. Allowing yourself to imagine and get new pictures and expectations of the world in your head, so you then can find it on the outside too. As it took you many years to be programmed into the framework you grew up with, it also takes some time to create a new one. All though the new life is created the moment(!) you start thinking in new images, with a new focus and other words. The training is to stay true to the new life, and repetition is the key to speed it up. To repeat several times daily and over time the words and the beautiful images and vision you want your new world/life to consists of, and to stop filling your mind with old thoughts and images. You need to consistently, daily, focus on The you and The life you want to live in and keep your mind focused on that. Not allowing old fears, your old world and patterns holding you back from creating the new life you want. It’s a creating prosess. It takes practice, and it takes time. Sometimes it takes a very short time to see the changes, but often your new world and life will gradually be framed and molded, and so will your increasing happiness too.

Fill yourself up with good things and thoughts. Mental training is about daily filling your mind with gratitude and positive thoughts. Choosing to hold on to those thoughts, no matter what the outside world presents to you. In addition to that, having a clear written down statement of what you want your life to look like, and what kind of person you want to be. By focusing on these visions daily, together with positive thoughts and beautiful words, it will over time become the new framework and you will experience a new life too, on the outside. Big changes will happen, by doing daily small changes to your words, focus and pictures in your head. 

Watch your drink!
The opposite side of the coin, is that you need to protect your new framework, the new world and life you are creating. It takes time, repetition and protection to get those new results and happiness that you want. Just as you protect your drink or coffee when you are out, so no one will put anything in it, you need to protect your mind from the same. From anyone or anything that are filling your mind with negative and destructive thoughts, pictures and emotions. You want to stop input that is not supporting your new world and framework. It’s not easy, but life isn’t always easy. The benefits are huge though, when you manage to stop bad input, and it will make your life feel much better instantly! By being aware of your own world and other people worlds, you will more consciously decide what you will bring into the new life you are creating in your mind and in your outside world too.

How to start your Mental training: 


1: Write down what you want in your life and how you want to be as person. 

2: Write down 10 things what you are grateful for in your life everyday.

3: Ask yourself what positive consequences can come out of this? When you get news or experiences you didn’t want.

4: Choose beautiful and positive words when you are talking and thinking.

5: Don’t allow negative and destructive words to fill your mind. Keep them out. 


And action!  
When you have created a solid and happy framework, you then start to take actions. You act daily based on your new world, stretching to live the life you vision on the inside, on the outside. Step by step, day by day. Actions that will both create your new life on the outside, but it will also strengthening your mind. The place where you are creating and protecting your new beautiful life.

With that, the remaining questions for you to answer (to take your life to the next level and to shine more) are: 

Who do you want to be?
And what life do you want to have? 


All the best 


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