The secret state to flow and a happy living is to be found in a place most people don’t know where to look. 

It’s hidden in their state of being. Not what they are doing, but how they are doing it, or «being» in the activity.

It’s about to be or not to be: relaxed. 

You can have a full day of activities, and choose to go through each task in a relaxed manner. To feel at peace, happy and yes, relaxed. To relax is though something else. «To relax on the couch» means to do minimal activity, but it doesn’t say anything about your state of mind when you are relaxing. 

To be relaxed

To be: Relaxed, is a whole other ball game. The easiest way to explain the state is maybe to refer to the minutes before you fall asleep, or when you have been in a sauna, or you are laying in the grass just gazing at the clouds, or any other situation where body and mind are both relaxed. You are not pushing og pulling your body or mind, you are instead in a flow state.

A flow state is to be able to be at work, or do what you need to do, and at the same time have a mind that is positive, loving, and peaceful. That is to be relaxed and that state give you flow in your life.  Your mind is positive, finding solutions, not holding on to negativity or stressful situations around you. The mind moves as water around and through obstacles in a peaceful, positive and a relaxed way, not wasting energy on unnecessary concerns and small problems. 

How to be relaxed?

To be relaxed is based on the experience of feeling love, positivity, inner peace, calmness and low experience of tension. Any activity that takes you to experience these emotions will make you go into a relaxed state. The challenge most people are having though, is to actually experience these emotions often enough. Many people find it hard to feel inner peace, calmness and low tension on a daily basis, and that makes it challenging to be relaxed in their life.

The moments where most people are being relaxed during their day are getting fewer, and at the same time it’s not that easy to recognize or find ways to embrace this happy, flow state, if you are not consciously seeking this experiences and state of being.

A gateway to be relaxed 

There are many gateways to the state of being relaxed. Different kinds of meditation or yoga are two ways, or to be in nature (without cellphone and disturbances). One of my favorite ways to help myself to be relaxed is a meditation where I combine deep body relaxation with focusing on filling myself up with love, peace and happiness at the same time.  

Here is an example of a meditation you can do laying on your back with your eyes closed. I recommend that you are by yourself in a peaceful place when you are doing the meditation. It only takes approximately 15min, click on the link below to go to the guided meditation:

Enjoy the meditation and get an increased experience of being relaxed, and the benefits of this flowing and happy state in your life.

Helle Luxe 

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