Yes, I do recommend you soaking your nuts and seeds if you are eating them on a regular basis and this is why and how:

Raw nuts (and especially raw seeds) just like grains, contain moderate levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Phytic acid is biologically necessary for the plant, as it helps safeguard the nut or seed until proper growing conditions are present and germination can occur. These enzyme inhibitors prevent the seed from sprouting prematurely, but are not that great for us when eating them. They can cause potential problems in humans by binding to nutrients as minerals in the body and contributing to nutrient deficiencies and digestive system irritation.

A smart thing I do weekly is to soak my nuts. The nuts both taste better, are more easily digested and the nuts are released their nutrient potential when being soaked.


4 cups of Almonds (or other preferably nuts/seeds)
1 tbsp of quality salt
Tempered (warm) water
A bowl

1: PUT IT IN: Take a bowl and add room temperated water in and add 1 tbsp of salt in and stir it in the water. If you have different types of nuts, soak them independently. Then add 4 cups of almonds in and make sure they are all covered with water.

2: SOAK THEM: Let it stand at least 7 hours, preferably over night. How long it should be soaked depends on the type of nuts and seeds, but at least 7 hours.

3: DRY THEM: This process is easy. RINSE the wet nuts under the spring after they have been soaked, before drying them. I like to cut the nuts in to smalleer pieces to cut down on the drying time, but the best thing is to not do so, to not risk them being dry or rancid. But as long as you make sure you dry them on a low temperature and you eat them during a week I believe it`s ok to cut them. Then put them in an oven or in a dehydrator to dry them. It is very important to dry them completely to avoid mold. If you have it in an oven do not have higher temperature than 75 degrees, recommended is between 65- 45 degree to preserve the greatest amount of natural enzymes and the fragile unsaturated fatty acids. You need to dry them till you are sure they are completely dry. How long it takes depends on the nuts, the temperatur and how big the nuts are, it will vary from 8 – 24 hours.

4 EAT THEM: As a snack, in a salad or in a smoothie. My favorite is a nut smoothie as a dessert in the evening! (I`ll share my recipe soon). Remember to store them in the fridge or in the freezer to protect the healthy unsaturated fat in the nuts.

Try it out. It is three easy steps and remember you do not need to watch the nuts while they are being soaked or dried. The nuts can do that on their own!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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