Why you have to get results!


Why are results so important?

The picture of the backside of this woman shows you a woman that has done small changes in her daily life to reach her goals. How many kilos or centimeters she has lost around her waist are though not the most important thing. The most important fact and results are that:

They confirm that what you are prioritizing in your life actually takes you to your goals.
That what you do works.
Your actions are making things better.
You are getting results and you are feeling more joy and better about yourself.

It feels good to have a good muscle and a good fat balance.
It feels good to have more energy and less muscle pains.
It feels good to be strong and to appreciate more the way your body looks and function.

When I took the first picture of the woman above she was not happy. She was frustrated and sad and she seeked help to feel better. On the second picture on the right she is smiling.

She is feeling better, life is better and she has more joy in her life and joy to give to others.

That’s what it´s all about:

Feeling better, making others feel better and with that enjoy life more.

If anyone took a picture of the backside of you,
would you be frustrated or smile too?

If you feel frustrated and sad, start doing these three things every day:

1: Give thanks for all that you are grateful for in the morning and in the evening. Write it down or just give thanks in your head.

2: Do at least one thing that really makes you happy every day.

3: Write down what you want in life and make a plan on how to get the results you want in life (that will make you smile more!)



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