How to balance yourself (fast)

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When being stressed during your day.

We all experience to have hectic days and moments were we freak out or were we react poorly. It can be a stressful situation at work or at home. Or often it has just been too many different stressful situations and you just haven’t managed to pull yourself together again or balance your energy and mood again.

That may cause you to start cursing or yelling at your kids or your partner. Or you are just not very nice to be around. Your head and body are just full of stress and you are out of balance.

Do you know the feeling? I do!

So what to do? There are several things you could do to reduce the stress immediately and find the balance, but one of my favorite methods to do this in my daily life is to:

Turn on classical piano music. It`s as easy as that. The music tunes my head, heart and body back in balance and after a few minutes I`m back on track and life flows again. Try it for yourself this week!

Here is one playlist fra youtube you can play when ever it`s time to cool down to be happy again.

Have a great week full of love!


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