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Elevate Yourself, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Why Mastery Monday Matters

Are you ready to supercharge your Mondays and transform your week?

Welcome to Mastery Monday! This is your opportunity to seize the week and set the tone for a healthier, happier you. We firmly believe that small, consistent steps regularly can yield profound results over time.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, boost your energy levels, have a better relationships, cultivate healthier habits, or simply enhance your overall quality of life,

Mastery Monday is your roadmap to more success in your life!


Teach, Inspire, Empower

Our mission is clear:  To teach, inspire, and empower you to elevate your life. 

It’s time to take action and begin your transformational journey right now! Tune in every Monday to “Mastery Monday” and let us guide you toward a future filled with more success and happiness.


What to Expect

Join us every Monday for a live podcast experience like no other with two amazing lifestyle coaches.

Mastery Monday brings you the perfect blend of perspectives, harnessing the unique insights of two expert coaches: Helle Luxe, a vibrant 40-year-old from Norway, and David Alison, a wise 61-year-old from Scotland. Together, we conquer your challenges with expertise and a touch of fun.

In Mastery Monday, the two amazing lifestyle coaches will give you powerful hacks that will elevate your week and take it to new heights. Whether you need a boost in health, relationships, or personal growth.

Life is a complex web of connections, and our podcast uncovers how your relationships affect every aspect of your life. Health, wealth, work – they’re all intertwined with the relationships you hold, both with yourself and others. We delve deep into these connections to help you thrive.

With Helle’s 20 years and David 40 years of experience and knowledge you are covered. They will give you the perfect mixture of knowledge, expertise and female and male perspective to take your relationships and daily life to the next level.


We Got You Covered!

Here are some of the subjects we will cover:

  • How you can feel great, every day.
  • How to give yourself what you actually need to thrive more in your life
  • How to adjust your weekly routines to get greater joy and results in your life 
  • How to get better relationship, with yourself, your partner, friends, colleagues, and kids. 
  • How to get the relationships you actually want to have. 
  • How to elevate and improve your energy, health and wealth.
  • How to be more resilient and deal more easily with challenges in your daily life 
  • How to get more success in your life, either it is in your relationships, work or health.
  • How to be more present, balanced and energized in your life. 
  • How to be the best partner you can be, and get your dream partner too!
  • How to be the version of yourself you want to be. 
  • How to feel at your best as you,  as partner, friend, parent or colleague.

Yes, you will get access to our coachings, if you can’t join us live.

Your Two Life Coaches


About Helle Luxe

  • Lifestyle advisor, speaker, and author.

  • Bachelor’s degree in socialanthropology with psychology from the University of Oslo.

  • Personal trainer, dietary advisor, and lifestyle coach.

  • Over 20 years of experience in guiding and training people.

  • Author  of “Smart Mamma” and “Train Smarter!”

  • Former training expert in the newspaper VG with a weekly training column.

  • Philosophy based on 7 pillars for shining more in life.

  • Owner of the Let’s Shine Lifestyle Online platform
  • Offers Webinars and Speeches and Corporate coachings and events.

About David Alison

  • David Alison: Intuitive Coach, Trusted Advisor, and Thinking Partner.
  • Specializes in helping High Performing Business Owners and Corporate Leaders.
  • Elevates personal and professional lives through coaching.
  • Brings 38 years of corporate experience.
  • Certified coach since 2017.
  • Former Master Coach and Business Results Trainer at Tony Robbins Coaching Team.
  • Trained in NLP and Hypnotherapy.
  • Co-founded Claymore TCT Ltd in 2022, supporting men’s mental and emotional well-being.
  • Focuses on Beliefs, Emotions/Mindset & Habits principles.
  • Offers individual coaching, Group Programs, Leadership Development, and well-being support.


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