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What people say about Let`s Shine and Helle Luxe:

«Helle has truly accelerated me towards reaching my fitness goals!”

«Helle has truly accelerated me towards reaching my fitness goals. I really appreciate her holistic way of guiding, where she not only focus on exercise and diet, but also my thinking, and helps me find tools towards a better path in my daily life. She has supported me in finding my inner motivation, in order… Read more “«Helle has truly accelerated me towards reaching my fitness goals!””


Stian, 47

What surprised me most was that we actually made it, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I wanted to start working out again, lose weight and change my lifestyle. I am really pleased with my results and wouldn’t have come this far without Helle’s coaching. I managed to lose… Read more “Stian, 47”


I saw several benefits from following Helle’s nutrition advice. I lost weight, got rid of mood swings, stabilized my blood sugar levels, improved my digestion and my body movement. I also feel better and know how to keep my energy levels steady. Helle’s training programs in the studio and the online guidance have been extremely… Read more “Silje”

Hilde, 49

I had been thinking of going to Helle for some years and finally decided it was time to make a change when a bad knee got me into a situation of no exercise and bad eating habits. I really enjoyed Helle´s approach; she listens and looks at the person as a whole. She worked together… Read more “Hilde, 49”