How it works

  • We begin with a meeting to clarify what your employees goals at work, and what kind of challenges the person or persons are having at work, and or in life that affects their work performance. 
  • We explore your company’s goals, preferences, and any specific challenges or concerns the person or the company may have.
  • This can be done as a group coaching or “one to one” coaching. 
  • Together, we establish clear and achievable goals, where the results achieved can be measured.
  • These goals can range from solving specific challenges at work or at home, to improve and empower health aspects, as physically, mentally or emotionally aspects, with the goal of mastering work and life on a higher level. 
  • Based on your employees initial assessment and your goals, we will create a tailored plan for the employee(s) to work on individually.
  • The plan is designed specifically for your company employees and their goals. 
  • We schedule regular coaching sessions, how often depends on the situation, but from 1-2 sessions per month are normal. 
  • During these exclusive small group/one to one sessions, we provide guidance, motivation, and support to help your employees to stay on track.
  • Our tools are available online and covers both physical, mental and emotional trainings as: Meditations, mental training, priority tools, stress management techniques, sleep improvement strategies, and the cultivation of healthy habits.
  • We explore various lifestyle factors that influence your employees overall well-being and increase their performance at work and in life. 
  • We are available between sessions to answer questions, provide motivation, and offer support.
  • Feel free to reach out anytime your employees need guidance or want to share your successes and challenges.
  • Periodically, we review your company’s employees progress toward their goals.
  • Adjustments are made to the plan as needed, ensuring it remains aligned with evolving needs and objectives.

How it works?

  • Choose focus areas for your company’s success.

  • Book a 45-minute mini-seminar as webinar/speech for your employees.

  • Tailor the experience with add-ons to secure lasting results.


  • Equip employees with concrete tools for success.

  • Elevate them to get a great Work/Life balance
  • Get FREE access to Let’s Shine Lifestyle platform for 2 weeks.

  • Follow-up and support options tailored your company’s unique needs. 

  • One-to-One, Small groups or Large groups follow ups and coaching.

  • Continue improving your Company’s health on our Online Lifestyle Platform.

  • Decide what the goals with the exclusive coaching should be. 

  • Agree on the time frame and sessions for achieving the wanted results together with us.

  • Get started!

  • Regular coaching sessions online or in person 

  • Efficient and easy tools for your employees to use in the process. 
  • Personal follow ups in between sessions

  • Regular evaluations and adjustments to secure your results. 

  • Measurable and fast results 
  • Increased well-being and performance at work and in life.


Helle Luxe

  • Lifestyle advisor, speaker, and author.
  • Bachelor’s degree in socialanthropology with psychology from the University of Oslo.
  • Personal trainer, dietary advisor, and lifestyle coach.
  • Over 20 years of experience in guiding and training people.
  • Author of the books “Smart Mamma” and “Train Smarter!”
  • Former training expert in the newspaper VG with a weekly training column.
  • Philosophy based on 7 pillars for shining more in life.
  • Owner of the Empower & Shine Lifestyle Online platform
  • Owner of Let’s Shine Studio in Oslo since 2008.
  • Offers Webinars and Speeches and Corporate coachings and events.


Discover the Distinctive Helle Luxe Approach

Why Should You Choose Helle Luxe?

Helle has coached people the last 20 years and has her own studio in Oslo and online.

Her uniqueness is the blend of training, nutrition and lifestyle aspects in her work.  She has a comprehensive approach where she teaches how to strengthen your body, mind  and heart. She believes that adjustment in these areas, and specifically 7 pilars in your lifestyle, are essential to empower yourself and thrive, no matter what challenges you face at work, or in life.

Helle`s mission is to inspire and teach people to empower and take better care of themselves. To learn to thrive, perform and care for themselves- and others on a higher level in life.  Her philosophy is called GIVE and has been developed through 20 years of coaching experience. Her uniqueness is the blend of training, nutrition and lifestyle aspects in her work.  She has a comprehensive approach where she teaches how to empower your body, mind and heart, and structure and optimize your daily life, with principles that will make you thrive in all areas of your life.



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