An Online Health Solution Designed for the Future

How It Works

  • Empower your body, mind and heart with the comprehensive Shine tools. 

  • Get personal follow ups on your goals, wins and workouts. 
  • Register your results and your progression. 
  • A 24/7 Online Health solution
  • Access to fun lifestyle tools to empower yourself and your life. 
  • Experience great results both at work and in life. 
  • Empower your employees physically, mentally and emotionally, with the comprehensive online tools.

  • Give them personal follow ups on their goals, wins and workouts. 
  • Registeration of their personally  results and their progression. 
  • A 24/7 Online Health solution for your company.
  • Access to fun and efficient lifestyle tools to empower your employees to thrive.
  • Get better individual performances and team results in your company.


Our Online Corporate Health Solution


1: Access our 24/7 Online platform, and get tools that elevate health and empower your employees work performance. Thrive in all aspects of life with more ease!

2: Weekly personal coach follow-up and tracking of your employees progress.

3: Get an ideal health solution for your company. Get both physically, mentally and lifestyle tools with personal guidance to thrive, and perform on a much higher level in life. 

From only 165,- NOK per employee/month,(12-month commitment). 1980,-  Annually. (Full value 6880,-)

Get two for one!

We know that your employees are having different needs. That`s why you only pay for half of your employees. If you are having 40 employees, you only pay for 20, but all 40 employees will still get access!

Bonus Seminar:

For a limited time receive a 45-minute inspirational seminar on how to: “Empower and improve your Work-Life Balance” in person or as a webinar. 


A Health Solution That Empowers You Every Day!

  • Post-COVID, well-being and work-life balance are paramount.

  • Empower your employees to thrive both at work and in their personal lives.

  • Our online platform streamlines their health and wellness journey.

  • We provide weekly personal registrations and follow-ups.

  • Track progress, stay motivated, and ensure results.

  • Give your employees the attention they deserve.

  • Improve employee mood, energy, and overall well-being in just 5 minutes.

  • Tailored solutions based on individual needs.

  • Enhance employee happiness and vitality with ease.

  • Offer 5-40 minute exercises adaptable to work, home, and travel.

  • Boost their health, both mentally and physically.

  • Empower your employees to shine more at work and in life.

  • A comprehensive, time-efficient well-being offer.

  • Elevate employee health, happiness, and performance.

  • Boost physical and mental strength, and get more resilient employees.

  • Enhance workplace and personal life performance.

  • Give your employees health tools for the future.

  • Stronger employees, both physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  • Higher and more consistent performance level by your employees.
  • Better strategies at work and in life, that reduce stress and enhance performance.

  • Improved health means increased energy and thriving in all areas of life.


Why Our Solution Is Ideal for Your Employees?

Uncertain if this is the ideal solution? Allow us to demonstrate why our health solution is the best fit for your company by addressing concerns you may have:

Solution: Enhance What You Already Have!

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing health solutions, amplifying their impact and providing an all-encompassing wellness experience for your employees.

Solution: Invest in Long-Term Savings

Consider this an investment in your employees’ long-term health and productivity. Our platform yields measurable returns through reduced healthcare costs and improved performance.

Solution: Ignite Engagement and Excitement

Designed with user engagement in mind, our platform offers interactive challenges, rewards, and personalized recommendations to make healthy living enjoyable and motivating.

Solution: Priority on Data Security

We prioritize data security with robust encryption and strict compliance with industry standards like HIPAA, ensuring your employees’ privacy is safeguarded.

Solution: Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime

Our platform is accessible from anywhere, supporting the health and wellness of all your employees, regardless of their location.

Solution: Proven Positive Impact

Extensive research shows that investing in employee health and wellness programs results in reduced absenteeism, improved morale, and enhanced overall company performance.

Solution: Build a Healthier Culture

Foster a healthier, more positive company culture by prioritizing employee well-being. This approach increases satisfaction and drives better overall performance.

Solution: Effortless Implementation and Support

Our team is dedicated to making the implementation process smooth and effortless. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for a seamless transition.

Solution: A Different Approach

We stand out from other platforms with our user-friendly interface, enhanced features, and exceptional customer support.

Solution: Measurable ROI

We’ve crunched the numbers for you. Our platform offers a measurable return on investment, with substantial financial benefits that exceed the initial costs.


Helle Luxe

  • Lifestyle advisor, speaker, and author.
  • Bachelor’s degree in socialanthropology with psychology from the University of Oslo.
  • Personal trainer, dietary advisor, and lifestyle coach.
  • Over 20 years of experience in guiding and training people.
  • Author of the books “Smart Mamma” and “Train Smarter!”
  • Former training expert in the newspaper VG with a weekly training column.
  • Philosophy based on 7 pillars for shining more in life.
  • Owner of the Empower & Shine Lifestyle Online platform
  • Owner of Let’s Shine Studio in Oslo since 2008.
  • Offers Webinars and Speeches and Corporate coachings and events.



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