A training in filling yourself with joy and sharing it with others to increase your happiness in life. 


Joy Training is my 6. pillar of my seven pillars to experience more happiness in your life, and maybe the pillar that represents most fun. In that sense that it is all about joy. To fill yourself with joy and to share it with others.

Most people experience joy from time to time, some times in small amounts and other times in big amounts.  Very few people have an experience of constantly big joy and happiness in their lives. Why is that? 



One of the first thing I ask my clients when I meet them is: What do you do to make yourself happy every day?

Very often, they don’t have a very good answer. They haven’t been aware of their investment in their own joy. It`s like joy is something that comes and goes. Therefore the answer I usually get can be everything from drinking a glas of soda, to taking a shower, or to being with friends or family. 

When I add to the question that it can’t involve other people, it often starts to be very tricky. 
Because many people don’t have their joy fundamentally based in themselves as an individual, but instead in an interaction with another human being or several.

But shouldn’t our joy and happiness be something we all are having in ourselves, regardless of other people? 
To be a happy person, full of joy, just being me? 

I believe that being happy on your own should be the foundation in any relationship between two people. Either it is an love relationship or a relationship between friends, or a parent and a child. 

To meet each other full of joy and happiness, ready to share, and not suck up joy and happiness from others, making them their source to your happiness and joy. That is neither fair, and your joy will be dependent on another person. How can you share joy and happiness with others, if you  don’t own your own happiness?


So how do you fill yourself up with joy? There are many ways to do this, and actually very easy to do, if you know what to do. 

My experience is that it seems like many people have been withholding joy to special occasions, not embracing that joy is something you can experience daily, constantly. That it is a state of being. 


The secret to feeling joy on a regular basis, is to start to fill yourself up with joy on a daily basis. I usually ask clients to do at least three things daily to fill them up with joy. In the beginning people are often struggling a little, thinking that they need to go to a spa, or using a lot of time, but no. The smaller the actions, the bigger the experience of joy awaits them. 

To fill yourself with joy can be to give yourself compliments (heart training),  to focus on what you are grateful for (mental training) eating a delicious and energizing meal (nutrition training), having a workout (physical training) or emptying your closets (meditation training). It can be to enjoy the sun for 5min, making yourself a cup of tea, yes, taking a shower, or meditate, or doing your hair, or going for a walk, listening to music or dance. 

Its all the small actions you are taking daily consciously to fill yourself with joy and happiness. If you are not consciously aware that the actions you are taking is an action to fill yourself with joy, its tricky to appreciate all the joy you are getting from the activity. To do something intentionally and consciously  to fill yourself with joy will increase the positive feelings of happiness and joy.


When you on a regular basis are filling yourself up with joythrough small actions, you start to be joyful and happy everyday, without anything BIG needing to happen. 

When you are also consciously giving thanks daily for all the things your are grateful for and your joy in your life, you are magnifing your experience, increasing your happiness and you will start finding new pathways to happiness and joy in your life. 


The most magical part when it comes to filling yourself up with joy, happiness and love, is what happens when you are starting to be constantly “full” of joy and happiness in your life.

What happens then? 
Well, Joy training is about filling yourself with joy, and sharing it with others.



When you are good at filling yourself up with joy, you are also becoming good at giving and sharing joy with others. 

The reason for this is that all the joy you are filled up with isn’t something you can hold on to, it needs to expressed, passed forward and to be shared. 
It needs to be circulated, so the joy you have been filling yourself with, will be shared and given to the people you meet. 

It`s something that I find incredible magical, how I just want to share, and give, when I’m full of joy. If I’m giving myself joy, it ends up to be given to someone else afterwards. That is how it works. I give what I got. If I have big joy in me on a regular basis, I can share big joy to others, on a regular basis too. 

Magical or what?


Of course you can give to others, all though you haven’t filled yourself up that much, you can give, and you should do so too. The main principle is just that: You should give based on what you are having yourself. It`s like giving away money from an empty account, so you need to rent money, and you end up in dept for a while, till you have filled yourself up again. When that is said, when you give to others, you will also get joy in return, and that will fill your account too. But as a main principle, we want to give big to other people from a place of big wealth in joy, happiness and love in ourselves. It starts with you. By you giving joy, happiness and love to yourself.  


All though joy starts from giving to yourself, and then giving it to others, the last aspect when it comes to joy is: That joy is made to be shared. 

Every time you get some good news, or experience something fun, we want to share it. It`s not enough to just be happy on our own. 
Joy should be shared and Joy Training is also about spending joyful time with the people you love. To make sure that you weekly are having planned social events with other people. 

All though Joy Training starts with filling ourselves up. It ends up with sharing joy with others and being together in joy!


1: Fill yourself up with joy daily.

2: Give to others daily.

3: Make sure to spend joyful time with others weekly.


Let`s Shine!

All the best

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