A training in nourishing your body and mind with food and drinks, in a healthy and good way. 

Nutrition training is my third pillar of my seven stars. It`s about learning what foods and drinks that elevate you in your daily life, and make your body and mind function on their best, both in the short run, and in the long run, for you to be happy. 

Elevation and Enjoyment with food can be a tricky combination
To learn what foods and drinks that elevate you in your daily life, and also allowing yourself to enjoy delicious foods regularly, can be a tricky combination. 

We are all different and with different needs, at different times. Based on that it’s not just to start on a specific diet and expect that you then will have found the nutrition that serves you the best. I believe we can’t neither nor decide that there is only one diet that everyone should follow. It would have made things much easier if that was true, just as if there was only one way to Rome, but there is not.  


Nutrition training is about learning to nourish your body through foods and drinks in the best way possible for you and your goals, so you are shining more in your life. In Nutrition training you need to take into account aspects as: 

Do I nourish my body with drinks and foods that give me energy? That supports my organs functions? Is it giving me a good weight balance? And a well- functioning stomach and gut? Great hair? Teeth? and skin? Strong bone? Strong and flexible muscles? Good sleep?

But you also have aspects as: Do my food and drinks make me happy? Or am I placing too much of my happiness into foods and drinks? Do I enjoy my meals? Do I take my time to eat my meals properly? Do I eat at times when it’s supporting my body? Do I know what to buy in the grocery store? Or how too cook it, or storage it in a good way? Do I get full when I’m eating my meals? 
Do I need different foods through the year? or when I’m sick? or what about vitamins? or how do what I eat and drink affect my hormon levels? 

A good nutrition is a journey
It is about much more than finding the perfect diet. 
It’s a journey to give your body what it needs at different times, in the best way possible, for you. Physically, but also emotionally. To have a good and balanced relationship to your foods and drinks. To be able to enjoy a glas of wine, with or without alcohol, or eating a dessert without feeling guilty, and not at least feeling amazing when your body get fueled with foods that make your body thrive and shine!


Is there no easy recipe?
Well, yes and no. I do have my 5 guidelines in nutrition that I do recommend most people to start their journey with, to get more nourished, balanced and energized. These 5 guidelines do improve most peoples nutrition a lot, but it’s not necessarily taking you all the way to Rome.

You will get a more balanced weight balance, better skin and hair. You will improve your stomach and gut, your sleeping quality, and both increase and get more stable energy. When that is said, you will most likely still need to adjust your nutrition  based on aspects as: Preferences of foods, your genetic, your lifestyle, your physical workouts, your daily routines and individual variations based on your history and nutrition patterns from the past. 

I just want to eat, not think! So do I, but it doesn’t work that way, if you want to elevate your lifestyle. By elevating your life, you are reevaluating different aspects and what parts that are working very well, and what parts aren`t working that well, and you do some adjustments to elevate yourself. Then you can enjoy the next level of the journey and the benefits of your adjustments, and yes to not think about foods.

No adjustments, gives no new results. Remember, in worst case, the existing diet that you are having now are making things worse over time. It`s not only about making things better, but sometimes about making sure the consequences of your diet doesn’t get worse. 

Don’t overcomplicate it, but accept that your nutrition takes training. It takes an evaluation of the results you are getting now through your nutrition, and the willingness to adjust the aspects that don’t support you and your goals.

Small adjustments
Then you adjust some aspects concerning your nutrition and start to enjoy the positive consequences the small improvements are giving you. That’s it.

Repeat once in a while
From time to time you will feel the need to do adjustments to support your body and your wellbeing, and by doing small adjustments over time, you will get a pretty good knowledge and understanding of what you need after a while, to feel great and shine!


My basic guidelines to improve your nutrition (when it comes to what to eat and drink) are:

1: Double the amount of vegetables you are eating at the time being. Vary in between raw, lightly cooked, steamed or fried.

2: Make sure to eat daily enough proteins, approximately 1,5gram of proteins per kilo body weight. It can be eggs, chicken, fish, meat and other natural protein sources.

3: Eat healthy fats to get full, but avoid trans fat. Fat sources can be avocado, olive oil, gras fed butter, and nuts to mention some sources.

4: Eat limited amounts of carbohydrates, and at the right time during the day: For those people who want to lose weight, it is usually very benifical to reduce the amounts of carbohydrates, and eat fruits, berries, honey and other healthy carbohydrate sources on specific times during the day. For people not wanting to lose weight, it’s not that important to reduce the amounts that much. 

5: Eat natural foods and in a natural rhythm. Eat natural, whole foods and avoid diet products, or foods with artificial ingredients. To eat in a natural rhythm means to eat at specific times during the day, and with time periods where you are not eating. To priority natural whole foods and to have a natural, planned rhythm to your eating could elevate your nutrition even more. 

Nutrition Training summed up:
There are a many ways to a healthy and a good nutrition.  There are some basic guidelines most people will benefit from, but to optimize your nutrition, it takes individual adjustments.

Nutrition Training is a journey where you need to learn what your body needs, at specific times, and what foods and drinks (and in what amounts) that elevate your body, both on the inside and outside, and not at least, that make you happy in life.  


All the best

Remember that all Nutrition advices and programs given by Let’s Shine and Helle Luxe are only suggestions given on a general basis with the aim to improve you diet. There will always be necessary to take individual differences, needs and your goals into account when adjusting your nutrition. Don`t do any changes in your diet without ensuring that your individual needs are taken into account. Consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet.


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