Today I want to share one of my team mates Isabel`s best tips when it comes to lunch making! I use these tips myself, but I must admit that she is a bit better than me at the planning part. Check out her Lunch making tips below, so you too can fill yourself up with great meals at lunch!

At my home, meal planning goes beyond dinner, and lunch is just as important as making the week run like a smooth machine. Like dinner and breakfast I’m also planning my midday meal by preparing a whole week’s worth of lunches in one swoop. Here are the five ways I make it happen, and how you can do it too.

1. Make food you actually want to eat.

This seems so obvious and should go without saying, but it’s easy to forget when we’re making lunch for a whole week. If you’ve been looking at your co-workers lunchtime smoothie bowl and chicken salads, you know what you should make. Pack foods you actually want to eat.

2. Prepare food that is versatile.

Versatile food like chicken, fish filet, vegetables, rice, mixed salad, avocado, and others make it really easy when it comes to lunch prep. These are the items that can get transformed into so many different meals, from salads and wraps, to soups and stew.

3. Work in bulk.

When you’re putting in the time and work to prep your lunch, make it count. Making big batches rewards you for your efforts with a week’s worth of meals. So while you’re at it, double that batch of soup or pot of vegetables, cook another piece of beef, fish, or make extra salad.

4. Rely on your freezer.

When you’re working in big batches, look to your freezer. Prep and freeze individual portions of foods like vegetable mixes and leftovers from dinner. Putting in this work now makes lunch a “grab-and-go” later.

Examples to freeze: Freeze this: Roasted Sweet Potato, soups, stir fry with meat or fish and mixed vegetables.

5. Don’t season food until you’re ready to eat.

Waiting until lunchtime to putt spices into your food is a quick and simple way to skip eating the very same meal day after day. For example, give your chicken salad a twist with chili powder and pepper bell powder one day, and then sprinkle it with fresh herbs the next day. 

Wasn’t that great tips? I think so! Let’s bulk it up and get ready to eat great lunches this week!

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