How do you keep your healthy meal interesting?

We often hear that people find it hard to keep things interesting when it comes to eating healthy. It’s easy to master only a few healthy recipes and continuing to eat this over and over again. But sooner or later you’ll get bored of the same foods. Therefore, in order to sustain a healthy diet, variety is key. And eating healthy foods don’t have to be boring. 

Here are 3 easy steps to boost your existing meals!

1 Use vegetables in season:

Eating vegetables in season are often fresher and tastes better, it provides more nutrition and more flavor. Fruits and vegetables in season spend less time from farm to table, so they maintain much of their nutrition and flavor. And you get a natural exchanging of flavors and vegetables in your meals.

2 Switch herbs and spices:

Adding different seasonings into your foods adds new flavors and contributes color and variety as well.

3 Use different proteins sources:

Try a protein that you usually don’t go for. It’s easy to go back to your favorite, but why not try to switch it up with some other type of fish, meat, seafood or a meet-free alternative.  

Have great and new meals this week!

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