Choose your favorite and bring it with you to ensure your results!

Always be prepared for a busy or unpredictable day by keeping healthy snacks in your bag, at your desk and in your car!

Snacks can be an important part of your diet.
– They can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise.

– The right type of snack between meals can also decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at mealtime. 

Here are 6 of my favorite snacks that are healthy, keeps my energy level up and portable so you can enjoy them even when you’re on the go:

  • Almonds or other unsalted nuts
  • Avocado with lemon and salt 
  • Boiled eggs
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Nut butter and vegetable sticks 
  • Berries 

Make yourself 5 daily snacks to bring with you “on the go” next week and you are prepared to succeed with your diet!

Enjoy your snack!