What do you do when your plan fails?


That’s the question. 

When you have planned this perfect day or this perfect week. You have planned lots of activities, healthy choices, work outs and meetings… and then: 

It fails. 

You are getting sick. Your kid is getting sick or something happened in your family, or at work or maybe you got a water leak?  It doesn’t matter what the thing was that  got in your way, besides the fact that something did and your week crashed. 

What then? 

I must admit that I find it really annoying when that happens. Because it`s nothing you can do, besides first and foremost to accept it. Accept that it is just life happening. You can’t plan it all. Sometimes you have to let go of your expectations and your goals for a short while. 

That’s what I did this week, when both me and my kid got sick at the same time. To take care of two kids when you are sick is not to recommend to anyone.  When the one child is also crying out of pain in several days, well let’s just say: That was not my plan. 

So I accepted the situation and then I gave thanks.
Thanks to all that was good. For the fact that I had family that could help me, that the situation made me I get  extra time with my kid and the fact that I could comfort him when he needed it so badly. 

That was a good choice. To give thanks. It`s always a good choice, because it fills you with joy and gratitude no matter how full of bacterias you are. 

An then?

Well after acceptance and giving thanks there is only one thing you can do: Learn what is needed or possible  to learn from the experience and then get back on the horse. To get back on track towards your goals. 
As soon as possible eat as healthy as you can  and start doing your regular routines that make your day and the person you want to be. So, my advice is:  

1: Accept
2: Give Thanks
3: Get back on track towards your goals

If life stops you, take a breath and smile. Then get up and keep walking the mile. 

All the best,

Let`s Shine!

Helle <3

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