Don`t do this classical mistake and focus on…

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It`s soo easy to do. Too easy and it can take you further away from your goals.

After getting clear on your goals and actually writing them down (Which is a must, if you are serious about getting the results you want), you write down what you need to do to get there and then….

You get lost in the actions. 


Instead of writing and deciding to: 
A: Email X and book a meeting to get a great deal signed.

you write and decide to: 
B: Email X

Do you see the mistake alternative B is and why? 

Stay focused on the goals

What are your intentions? What do you want to achieve? Not to do, but to achieve. 
Eyes on the ball. When you write your to do list, you can instead write: 

 The things I`m going to achieve this week: 
“To achieve”

Don`t go after actions, but what your results are. It doesn’t matter how many emails you are sending or phone calls you have to take. What matters is what you achieve! And guess what:

Maybe you meet X on the street.. and you book a meeting right away, without needing to sending an email. You achieved your goals without  needing to do the planned action. You get me? 

Isn’t that magical?

1: Eyes on the results you want. 
2 :Eyes on what you want to achieve the next week and today.
3: Keeping your eyes on the results you want will make it surprisingly more efficient for you to reach your goals. 

Just try it and see!

All the best

Let`s Shine!

Helle <3

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