How it Works?

  • A 24/7 Empowerment and happiness solution.
  • Easy and efficiently increase your happiness, and get strong and fit physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  • Enjoy life more, both at work and with the people you love. 


  • A 24/7 Online Health solution
  • Access to fun lifestyle tools to empower yourself and your life. 
  • Experience great results both at work and in life. 


Instant Empowering: Here you get tools to boost yourself instantly, in only a few minutes.

Week Programs: Weeks programs are sessions during 7 days that give you a full program based on your wanted outcome for the week. Here you will get both workouts, nutrition and Lifestyle sessions. 

Empowering Channels: These are different personal empowering channels that you can sign up for.  This can be for example a Pilates channel, Comedy channel or “Man cave” channel.

Live Sessions/ Replay and Community: Here you can join Empower & Shine Live webinars and sessions and connect in our community. 

Personal Tools and Follow ups: Here you get your own personal tools as Goals,  Workouts and Results registrations, in addition to weekly personal follow-ups by our trainers.

I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION: Please ask us, we are looking forward to serve you.

Let us help you find the right program
for you!