At the time being I’m working on optimalizing the meals I’m eating and recommending. One of the meals I’m working on is breakfast. The goal is to eat something good, that boosts your fatburning and also your stomach and gut.

Therefor I’m trying out this Coconut yoghurt. I’m still in a process to make it perfect, but it`s good enough to share it with you today.

I start by putting 2 x 250ml of coconut milk in a clean glass. Preferably a glass that has been in the oven a couple of minutes on 100 degree to kill all bacterias.
Then I add two capsules of probiotics in the mix together with one teaspoon of rawhoney. The honey is to feed the bacterias and make it to yoghurt. Make sure to blend it together and do not use metal, because the bacteria reacts badly to metal. Use wood or plastic spoon.
I take the powder out of the capsules.
I let the glass with a cover and something in-between to give it oxygen stand on the kitchen bench for 24-48 hours. The room should have a good temperature above 20 degrees.
After that time you can eat it and add some MCT coconut oil in it and collagen protein powder if you like some. The yoghurt get thicker the longer it`s in the heat. On top put some cinnamon and you should have at least 3 servings. Put it in the refridgerator when you have the right consistency and keep it there for 4-7 days.

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