Life is one big workout.

Either you want to get bigger muscles in your physical body, get fit and toned or you want to get bigger muscles in your work, your relationships or in taking better care of yourself. Most situations in your daily life are giving you an opportunity to grow those muscles bigger and stronger. When this is said you also need this one other thing to get the results you want: Restitution.

Sleep, good nutrition and the most important thing: love. Love as spending time by yourself to just be with yourself and rest and also spending time with people that give you love. People that give you the feeling that I`m good enough just as I am all though I want to get stronger. You need to be able to put your legs up high and just feel safe and loved in-between your workouts.
So tell your friend, your partner or your family when you are tired and exhausted: Can you just love me and take care of me for a while?A vurnerable question to ask? Definitively, but it is very important to be able to show that you need the people around you and give them a chance to be there for you. To be able to receive, nourish yourself through sleep, nutrition and love.
Remember too that this goes both ways. That sometimes the people close to you just need to be taken care of. To be aloud to rest and just be. If they aren’t able (dare) to tell you that they need you, you can stretch out your hand and show them that you love them.No matter what. All though you have had an argument or you feel frustrated by the other person. Then it`s important to be go big, give big love and let the person rest in your love.




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