Do you want to get health results fasts?

Most people I meet want to loose weight and get a better muscle and fat balance and they want results fast. That’s fair enough I think. That people want to see results relatively fast based on the changes they do in their life.

It is also very important to keep your motivation high through the tough periodes. At the same time it`s important to remember that you can`t always register all of your results. Some results aren’t visible right away. Therefor it`s important to have different methods to register results when you want to loose weight and get smaller. For example:

1: Measure tape

2: Weight

3: How you feel (energy, feeling of being full, cravings etc)

4: Pictures

Sometimes the weight is the same as it was a week earlier, but the measure tape shows that you are gotten smaller around your stomach. Sometimes it`s the opposite. The reasons for this might be that you have gotten more muscles and they weight more than fat or that you have lost fat and weight, but at the same time gained muscles and the measurement will be the same as earlier a while, till you loose more fat and you will get smaller.

Other times you can see it in your face or in other places than you measure with the tape. The point is to make sure that you not only measure or check your progression based on one parameter. You need several. In addition to that you need to trust the process and accept that your body is going to a process and your job is to do the job and support your body.

Below you can see different examples on results in a relatively short time:

In one week…… The person has lost a 3,4 kg.

In one month the person below has lost almost 6 kg!

Getting results is important.
Make sure you are getting the results you want and that the healthy choicesthat you are making are actually taking you to your goals.

If not, ask for help and make sure to get the results you are dreaming of!

All the best
Helle <3
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