today I want to share with you what you need to do to:

Get stronger,
Get toned
and slim.


You have to make sure you are having a nutrition that makes you loose fat. If you believe you are eating correctly, but you are notloosing the weight or the fat: You need to change your diet or at least do some changes. You should be able to loose at least half a kilo every week. All though you might loose 1 kilo one week and none the next and then a half and so on. This can vary because you are hopefully also strengthening your body and muscles areheavier than fat.


Do a functional strengthening program twice a week. Use your body weight or weights and make sure you work out your whole body. If you want to tone and tighten some areas as arms in example, work those areas three times a week. 5-7 repetitions and 3-4 series.


Loose weight aroundyour stomach and hips? Make sure to not eat carbohydrates before dinner. Eat instead vegetables,proteins and fat and drink water. Avoid juices, fruit,crackers, and bread. Check your results weekly with a measure tape. You should be able to see weekly progression on some parts of your body!

If you want to make sure you get results get yourself my Shine Nutrition program over 21 days and/or order personal guidance.

Kick start this spring by getting the results you are wanting!

All the best



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