Some people are saying things as: This is my better half
as they only is a half themselves and that their partner is the other part. Maybe a romantic thought, but I think it is quite the opposite to be honest.
We are all born as one and when we grow up and are adults it is our responsibility and privilege to take responsibility of our selves and our lives. (Believe it or not).

Take responsibility of all of us and not half of ourselves. That’s part of being a grown up. But a lot of times people instead start to grow together with the other person either it`s a boyfriend or a girlfriend, wife or a husband and that is not a healthy development if you ask me.

You learn to walk and then one day you suddenly need someone to carry you through life? Support is one thing, being dependent of another person to manage life is s whole other story, if you ask me. (Again, this is my opinion, feel free to disagree).

Today I there for want to briefly go through 6 bullet points that I mean are essential in a healthy independent relationship. In a relationship where two people say they love each other and want to be a big part of the other persons life. With the goal of being two independent whole persons in a relationship your main focus should be on:Acting out of love and giving the same love to yourself as you are giving to your partner and vice versa.

My LOVE recipe in a relationship

1:Take the full responsibility of your actions.

The actions towards yourself and the actions towards the other person. A relationships is not a 50/50 agreement. It`s a 100/100. Both persons have to give (all) their best to make it work. Every night when you go to bed you should be able to look in the mirror and look at yourself knowing that you have done your best to give love to yourself and to the other person.

2: To love another person is about to make the other person FEEL your love

To love is not about you feeling the love. It`s about them feeling it. That’s giving love. Give a person what she/he wants or needs. It`s not about you,it`s about them. You can say you love a person as much as you like, but if they can not feel it your words aren’t worth that much.

3: Equal love

To love a person is to accept the person as he/she is and give themtheir freedom to be who they are. To respect them as they are and their needs. At the same time it is as important that you respect yourself your own needs. They are equal. You are not worth more or less than the other person. You are equal and should treat each other with respect and love- no matter what happens.

4: Give love as a principle

To be in love is not only a feeling, it`s a way of life. You choose to act based on the principle of love, no matter how you are feeling. If you are annoyed or angry you don’t let you anger affect the other person. If you need something you ask for it in polite way. You don’t say it`s his or hers fault because they didn’t understand og give it to you without you asking. You ask and if the other person for some reason can’t give it to you, you either accept it and keep loving that person or you make it clear that you are not OK with that, but you still love them and tell them in love. Your actions should be said and shown through love, no matter what you are communicating. You should always showing yourself and the other person both respect and love.

5:You can’t love another person higher than you love yourself.

It all starts with you. You want big love? Give big love to yourself. Then give the same amount of love to the other person. Don’t wait to get love, give. It starts with you. First you fill yourself up, then you have something to give and then you get it in return. It`s a circuit. Love isn’t something you have, you give it.

6: When you truly love, you let the person you love go:

If your really love a person you would do what ever you can to make them happy. You would even let that person go if he/she wants to go and not be close to you anymore. The reason for this is because your love for them is so big that you just want them to be happy and if they are not happy with you, that`s the right thing to do, to let them go(no matter how painful it is for you. It would be more painful to know that the person you love are in pain with you). You do not try to keep them from leaving you or making them feel sorry for you. You act out of love, with the mission to make them feel your love and love is free.

These are my main ingredients in a relationships full of big love. Big love that each person is feeling towards them selves and towards each other.

Do you want big love too?
Start giving love,
to yourself and to your partner.
Follow my 6 bullet points and notice how your love will grow
and so will the love you get in return.

Give love.

Helle <3


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