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now we are in March and the days here in north are getting lighter and the birds are singing in the trees in the morning.

The sun and birds are inspiring me these days and they make me want to shine a little extra inside- and outside.

Today I will therefor share with you what I eat and drink in addition to my food to shine.

I`ll start my day with a glas of water with one table spoon of unpastaured apple cider vinegar in a big glas of water. The apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, read more about these in this article.

Then I boost my body with the vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits (and berries) without all the sugar in the fruit by eating Juice Plus supplements. This I also give to my kids.

In addition to that I also take liver capsules from Reinstyrke that is as natural liver as you can get it. They are full of iron, B and A-vitamins. Read more about the amazing supplement here.

(If you want to order the product use the code 1022 and get 50% discount on your first delivery.)

At last I make sure to get my Omega 3 dose and D-vitamins daily. D-vitamins are so essential for your body, your gut, your energy, your mood and a lot of other processes in your body. Since wedon’t have a lot of sun here in Norway, it`s very importantl to take big enough doses to keep your D-vitamins levels high though the whole year. It`s only in the summer youdon’t need to take that supplement.
Be smart and take your Omega 3 supplements with your D-vitamins and you make it easier for yourbody to make use of the D- vitamin supplement.

I take all my supplements in the morning. Make sure not to drink or eat milk products at the same time as you are taking iron supplements. The Calcium in the milk make it harder to make use of the iron. On the other hand if you take both Juice plus that has a lot of C-vitamins in it you make it easier.

This is what works for me, it doesn’t mean that the same products will work for you. The most important thing is that you try to eat enough vegetables and a balanced nutrition. But if you feel like you need to boost your body, then I would give my body some extra supplements 3-4 month and see if I noticed any differences. I would recommend you to start with the supplements above.

All the best

Helle <3


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